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By NovRaine on Wednesday, October 20, 2004 - 07:40 am:

hiya tia:
...hey! that's a really good analogy!! and so true :) and we already know that small ones are so open and are guided by spirit so easily because they don't have any "bricks in their wall" built yet! :), they run on instinct and do what they know will create a result!! cool.

...i've said many times, too, that our vocabulary is just not enough to explain things or to really illustrate a's actually pretty lame, we are stuck with words like "negative" and "bad" ...but it's difficult for me to use those words in my life anymore, because there are "bad" and "negative" people, but things that happen, challenges...all become lessons and happen for reasons, so it's not even fair of me to label them!

..and we are only human. our learning here on earth really is pretty matter how much education we receive doesn't even touch the knowledge in the ethereal world, or have words to describe it. our perspective can be pretty limiting also: we can only present what we've learned, so if we carry certain beliefs, it colors how we look at a spirit trying to contact us: i might think it's comforting and wonderful....while another might be frightened and think it's "bad".
..great points tia!! :)
love, light and laughter!

By Tia on Tuesday, October 19, 2004 - 07:21 am:

I work with children on a daily basis. The really little ones who see and know only what's true. I look at them the way I do spirits. A one year old is limited in how they can get your attention and explain something to you. Spirits are the same I believe. Plus, when it comes to kids, what's the best way to get your attention fast, do something bad. :) Perhaps there is a problem with the living that needs to be addressed and the spirit is trying to help in the only way they can. Mind you a little prank here and there may not be appreciated either. I'm sure the spirits haven't lost their sense of humour.

By Chris on Tuesday, October 19, 2004 - 07:19 am:

I agree with you NovRaine. I believe that the universe has an order to it. I believe that there is a higher power that controls all and that we have more power than the strongest spirit if we choose to call on it and stay in a positive frame of mind. I have never been afraid of a spirit. I can only speak for me, but it works for me.

By NovRaine on Tuesday, October 19, 2004 - 06:41 am:

...Gandolf., i know many people believe that there are negaitive/evil/bad spirits, but i feel there are only restless or disoriented spirits.
...i would think that a human who has a negative behavior in life, and has not crossed over (therefore has not processed at all), may be more adamant about getting attention, but i think they are harmless. it takes a lot of energy for them to even pull hair or play with lights.
...i think that at times, we are really bumping into them! :) while they go on doing the things they remember in life, we may cross the veil at times to disrupt their goings on!! and i am sure there have been rare occurances when a spirit has seemed aggressive/bad, but i believe that's the exception rather than the rule.

...i have always believed that spirits come from a "better" place, free of the human conditions and negative feelings that we have to struggle with and that the only "evil" or "bad" we encounter is human beings :) but that's my twocents worth!

By Gandalphthegrey on Tuesday, October 19, 2004 - 05:08 am:

acctualy there are just as many bad spirts as there are good and well for some reason its the bad ones that are most powerful and that probally is due to the fact that they have stronger will power. blessed be

By Cguy on Tuesday, October 19, 2004 - 05:06 am:

good morning news to report,,we have not tried anything lately,we are on different shifts,,,,i will be trying this week by myself to see if i have any luck.thanks for all the input,,,,,,Cguy

By Chris on Tuesday, October 19, 2004 - 04:42 am:

Since there has been no posts from Cguy, I presume that things may have clamed down. Often spirits want to get our attention for many of the reasons mentioned by myself and others. It may be that the anxiety level has been reduced, as Cguy and girlfriend have gotten used to having house guests and the level of activity has dropped; or the spirits have moved on.

Spirits have limited ways of contacting us and hair pulling or pressure may be only some of them. We are the ones who get scared from things we can't see. They usually don't intend harm.

By NovRaine on Monday, October 18, 2004 - 08:13 pm:

..m.t.rivers here...found a way to get back to my actual nic!! (at least, i hope i did it right and my nic finally comes up!! heehee)
...i understand your concern gandolf. but i think most spirits are not harmful and i'm not sure that they are "attacking" as much as getting cguys/girlfriends attention :)
...i wouldn't want to suggest someone leaving their home because of it...that would be a decision for cguy...but there are other methods to go about asking the spirits to leave that might be more applicable. :) it just takes time, sometimes!

By Gandalphthegrey on Monday, October 18, 2004 - 02:33 am:

what u all have to reamber is there are some ghosts that know there dead and dont want to move on. in this case there are only 2 options either have someone who has removed ghosts of this nature before attempt to remove it. or move out of the house casue the attacts are only going to worsen.

By M. T. Rivers on Thursday, October 14, 2004 - 07:29 am:

..Cguy..interesting happenings going on huh?? :) i agree with would be cool to visit your place!
..i also agree that checking into the history of the house and property is always a great idea...there's so much that may be uncovered to help you make sense of it.
..if there is a woman you keep could be as simple as, she'd been cheated on in life so now wants to rid "her" home of females...or is why she bothers them more. just a thought :)
..again, while meditating, your body and mind have to be clear: no heavy meals before or alcohol/drugs etc. and ask prior to journeying, that whoever needs to come forward with a message for you, does. invite your guides/archangels etc to come forward with any messages they might have. also, always ask for clarity!
..sometimes it takes a few tries to fully succeed, but if it needs to, it will make itself clear :) and beyond everything what you get! :) good luck!

By Cguy on Wednesday, October 13, 2004 - 05:10 am:

hey Chris.....sorry ,,nothing to report about Sat night,tried a few times but no luck,,will keep at it though...did go for a late night walk through the BGT which was pretty cool,so at least the night was not a total letdown,,,,will keep you posted ,,,thanks for asking........Cguy

By Chris on Tuesday, October 12, 2004 - 03:32 pm:

So Cguy what happened on Saturday night?

By Cguy on Monday, October 11, 2004 - 11:41 am:

Hey Jayman,, that would be great,who we are dealing with would be good to know and why it seems to pick on my girlfriend.anything else you can think to ask would be great.i think one of them is an older man named Jack,,but i don't think he is the troublemaker

By Jayman on Monday, October 11, 2004 - 11:29 am:

Hey Cguy
I'm holding a channeling session tomorrow in Belleville, and I'd be more than willing to ask about the spirit's persistance, or if you have a couple questions of your own you'd prefer to be asked, I can ask them if and only if you'd like. The channeler has been able to help several spirits cross over, also. The sessions are always recorded, and if you're interested, I can write out the response to your questions word for word for you. Anyway, if you're interested, leave a post or drop me an email.

By Cguy on Saturday, October 09, 2004 - 03:24 pm:

chris.....thanks for the advice.........Cguy

By Chris on Saturday, October 09, 2004 - 03:00 pm:

Lots of luck. I will only caution to attempt to communicate with those who are already there. Do not invoke the spirits of anyone or thing else.

Good luck.

By Cguy on Saturday, October 09, 2004 - 02:42 pm:

chris,,,,,,,,we did take shots with a digital camera,,,lots of orbs and in one shot you can make out a woman with dark hair,,,,,i tried to put it on the pc but it wont show....our spare room is already set up for meditation with candles ,inscenceburners and her wiccan alter

By Cguy on Saturday, October 09, 2004 - 02:36 pm:

we are going to try to open a line of comunication tonight,,,we will try meditation,automatic writing,and a spirit board.not sure what we're dealing with so all will be done in a circle of protecton,,,i will post the results if any later tonight i hope

By Chris on Saturday, October 09, 2004 - 02:35 pm:

Cguy if you can, get a digital camera, a digital recorder and do some investigating tonight. You may find that you get stuff on film or recorded.

These spirits are obviously wanting to communicate; good or bad stuff. No one has been able to channel yet. You really have to have a strong positive mind to deal with them. Use whatever spiritual stuff you are comfortable with. You can pray, smudge or chant or whatever. You must be very positive and have a clear mind. You cannot show fear or they will continue to do stuff to try and get your attention. If you stand your ground and clearly communicate that they are dead and you are not and you are staying; you may make some headway with them.

If you are still experiencing some problems, I am sure that we can arrange for a couple of people to come your way one evening. It only takes one person having negative thoughts to throw the whole process away.

Keep us informed. You may want to set up in the spare bedroom with some candles and have a meditation session with you and your girlfriend. Keep projecting the same message: 'You own the house and are staying, they are dead and disruption of your life will no longer be tolerated and that you are not afraid.

I wish that I was closer. This is fascinating. There is so much activity at the BGT that I have my own theories. See what you come up with and let us know.

By Chris on Saturday, October 09, 2004 - 02:06 pm:

There are two options: sell and move or learn to live with them. Once you find out what they are all about, you will all live in harmony. You can also try to eliminate them as a third option by just convincing them they are dead and they have to move on.

If you require any assistance just ask.

By Cguy on Saturday, October 09, 2004 - 11:33 am:

hey girlfriend meditates on a nightly basis all she gets is disturbances,no real connections.....she's actually to the point of looking for her own apt until i can sell this place......cguy

By Cathy Brady on Saturday, October 09, 2004 - 11:33 am:

Cguy I have one more question for you. :) Have you ever had anyone come in and try to document any of the happenings in your home? It might be an idea. Not to mention the fact that it would be terribly interesting to see what comes of it.

By Chris on Saturday, October 09, 2004 - 11:13 am:

This is all fascinating Cguy. The house sure seems of have some stong activity.

Try to meditate and clear your mind. See if you can get any communication from the spirits. Tell them that they are dead and that you are the new owners of their house. Tell them that you will help them if you can. Encourage them to move on. Re-enforce that they are dead. I don't think that they know it.

Go to the cemetary and see if you can find the grave site. Lay some flowers.

By Cguy on Saturday, October 09, 2004 - 10:37 am:

lets try to answer all of these questions here,,,,,most of the activity takes place at night,anywhere from 9pm to 4am but the odd time i hear bumps at 5:30 am when i get up.for the longest time it was in the kitchen(where the old owner had a heart attack and died)at the bottom of the basement stairs,and some in the spare it seems to be all over but strongest in those places,(i just found out the people i bought the place from had the house blessed a few time because the wife didn't like the feeling in the spare room.we don't have much company but the other week we had a friend over watching a movie and the bigscreen went dead.we checked it out and found that it had been unplugged(whew,,,thought my sat card went down,,,lol we have been taking random pics around the house and are getting orb action but in one pic in the bedroon you can see a woman with shoulder length dark hair wearing a short sleeve night gown or dress with puffy shoulders.i showed it to my dad who doesn;t even believe in this stuff( he thinks the only real ghost is casper because he took me to meet him when i was a kid) and the first thing he saw was the woman....i did not point it out at all,,,funny part is you can see it on my camera but not when i put it on the pc,,,,,,,not sure what that means,,,,,,,,ok i think i answered them all.....oh yeah,,,,chris,,,,i live about 10 min from the bgt i have been going there since i was a kid....i love that place,screaming tunnel i found boring not to mention with alll the road construction there now its a mess,,,,,we used to go under the thorold cemetary through some caves just up the road from the bgt on the left passed the pumphouse

By George Brady on Saturday, October 09, 2004 - 10:25 am:

Good Morning Cguy...

Welcome to the message board:)

Chris is right some spirits think they still own the home depending on how the person died.

There are some things you can do, to communicate with the spirit that is in your home.

This spirit is trying hard to communicate with you without a doubt.

Send me a email sometime and I will give you some advice that may work with communication with the spirit within your home.

By Chris on Saturday, October 09, 2004 - 09:37 am:

Cguy, I have another question. I too find this very interesting. Is your house near the back of the GM plant on Thorold Stone Road or any where near the old rail tunnel? Look on the website maps for the BGT and let us know.

By Cathy Brady on Saturday, October 09, 2004 - 09:23 am:

Hi Cguy and welcome to the board. You do have an interesting problem for sure. Have you tried asking the spirits what they want? Is there a specific time of day when any of these events happen? Is there a specific location in the house or is it the entire house? Does anything happen when you have company over? Sorry for all the questions but I find all this fascinating.

By Chris on Saturday, October 09, 2004 - 09:13 am:

Does it happen every night, sporatically or on certain days? It is possible that it is the original owner. People dead or alive are very protective of their property and some who have died think they are still alive and cannot move on.

I would love to visit this house.

By Cguy on Saturday, October 09, 2004 - 08:51 am:

i am in st. catharines,,,i know some of the history but not much about the original owners.we think we know who one of the ghosts is,,,,a previous owner that died here,the other or others seem to be negative,and female,and like to pick on females,,,,,,as for house exorcism,,thats something to girlfriend is wiccan and she has done banishing rituals but it doesn't seem to help........thanks for your interest... Cguy

By Chris on Saturday, October 09, 2004 - 08:23 am:

Are you in Hamilton and do you know the history of your house? You may require a house exorcism to rid the house of the activity. Yours sound severe. Have they ever communicated with you?

By Cguy on Saturday, October 09, 2004 - 06:45 am:

good morning all...great site here...i figured this would be a cool place to post my house is haunted.ihave known this for years all started with my hair being pulled while i was making a pulled i mean yanked(my hair was in a ponytail at the time)this was just months after i bought the wife at the time never felt comfortable here.her things would go missing and we would find them in the strangest places,she saw things hovering over mirrors and never slept well.i never see anything but i hear "bumps" all the time.sometimes i get huge rushes of emotion sometimes warm and fuzzy sometimes i have to get out of that area for a my girlfriend is having all kinds of things happen,but the one that bothers me the most is being held down in bed....thats a little creepy......anyway sorry to babble on..just looking for some input .....thanks...Cguy