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By Cathy Brady on Monday, October 25, 2004 - 05:19 am:

Well Cin...if you mean weather as in not raining...I'm sure that can be done. But if you mean nicer as in warmer...that might have to wait for spring. hehehe :)
The smells were just unbelievably strong. Unfortunately the flower scent was just so quick I couldn't recognize which flower it was. But the bread.... it made me hungry!

By soldierpup on Sunday, October 24, 2004 - 12:10 pm:

I too smelled the scent of fresh baked bread.It made you think of times gone bye,almost like the times of your childhood.Also the smell of sweet flowers even though there were no flowers around.Interesting place,hope to go back when the weather is better.

By George Brady on Sunday, October 24, 2004 - 09:18 am:

Those smells were just weird for there were no houses around where we were.
This was a new location that we started to do back a few days ago and there were no smells present on those days we conducted an investigation on that trail.

Its the same thing at the BGT we had all smelled what seemed like cotton candy, perfume, hay, cigar, pipe smells to name a few.

Last night was very interesting with the smells and hearing foot steps following you from the bush area, the smells just highlighted the evening.....

Cathy you also had the sense of a picnic in the area where you got the smells last night and these smells could have been smells from the past of an event that took place there.

We have encountered many smells from different locations that we have done, but last night was very strong with the cake, chicken, bread.
I have to wonder if anyone else had a similar experience on their own investigations?

By Cathy Brady on Sunday, October 24, 2004 - 08:55 am:

Ok, since we were out last night (before it rained) and we had a very strange experience I thought I'd share it with everyone here.

Picture this....we're out in the middle of nowhere, it's dark, and chilly but still. Walking down the path to talk to Steve, I stopped in my tracks. I smelled hot fried chicken. And boy was it strong! I turned to Steve and told him, but just as I was telling him the smell changed. It smelled like a cake that had just come out of the oven. Steve said he smelled it too.

We began walking back down the path to join the others. I turned onto the side path and grabbed Cindy's attention. I was telling her about the smells when I smelled the cake again. Then that smell faded and was replaced by hot fresh bread. Everyone in attendance smelled the bread.

I have no idea what all these smells meant, but it sure made my mouth water. The smell of the fresh bread lasted until the rain started at which point we left.