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By Cathy Brady on Tuesday, December 14, 2004 - 06:46 am:

It is unfortunate that some visit the BGT and destroy it for those of us that wish to enjoy the historical and paranormal value of it. It is truly a work of art when you stop to look at it. The stone and mortar put together over 150 years ago and it still stands with little intervention since it was built. (The wooden trusses are relatively new)

The sad part is, those that use it as a party hangout are missing the true mystery and beauty of the tunnel.

By NovRaine on Tuesday, December 14, 2004 - 06:34 am:

..i agree...just put there, i was giving them the benefit of the doubt by suggesting that maybe they were doing their video-taping and lost one of the tapes...but by the other postings elsewhere, there seem to be three?? numbered: 21, 30 and 31 by what people have been saying.
...i guess it's a lame attempt to add more interest to a site that sounds as though it's visited quite a bit anyway heehee.

..yes,'s really ridiculous! sheesh people have to get a life. :)

By Cathy Brady on Monday, December 13, 2004 - 07:10 pm:

Someone has a lot of creativy to come up with the video tapes that have been "planted" at the BGT. I do not believe they were dropped by accident because of the water proof bags they were found in.
I do believe that they are intended to create a sense of mystery about the tunnel. Maybe a feeling of fear? In either case it is interesting. :)

By James on Monday, December 13, 2004 - 07:04 pm:

Negativity aside, I think the mystery is pretty interesting. I work days...but maybe this weekend I'll head out there again and take a look around (that is, if I'm not christmas shopping).


By George Brady on Monday, December 13, 2004 - 06:42 pm:

Hello everyone....

Well I see by the posts of a message board that someone is trying to make a sequel to the ring by leaving video tapes at the BGT, or is it a sequel to the movie the Blair Witch project?

At lease some folks can take delight in taking part of this mystery at the BGT.Someone has a lot of time on their hands.

We also seen the thread on the bashing of HP on a similar thread, this always comes up from time to time and we thank the posters for guiding others to our site, keep up the great work:)

It's always a pleasure to know that some folks that think of us in a negative way post their message on other sites , so others can be guided to our site.:)

To these negative posters we want to wish you and yours a very Merry Little Christmas:)

By NovRaine on Monday, December 13, 2004 - 05:13 am:

..i know a poster elsewhere was talking about making a video movie a few years back...might not be connected, and not sure why something like that would be found like that.
..someone took care to make sure it would survive, but it's either been dropped by accident or "planted" there to create a new "mystery" heehee.
..sounds like a amature wanna-be film maker to me heehee.

By James on Saturday, December 11, 2004 - 09:19 am:

I've found out more browsing the haunted hamilton forums. I had a suspicion and I was right:

Here are some screencaps:


By Tia on Saturday, December 11, 2004 - 05:09 am:

It sounds very creative to me James. Someone has an intense creativity for displaying a great promo for the tunnel. It also has a runs right in line with The Ring. I don't believe it to be paranormal in any sense, I just don't get that feeling. I think it's just someone who is very creative. It would be interesting to see.

By James on Friday, December 10, 2004 - 11:27 pm:

I've been trying to get my tv input card to work so I can take some stills but to no avail. I'll try again tommorow. To be honest, after viewing the video I just felt ...well, bad....not only is it menacing but it is also depressing.

It is relatively short...almost 3 minutes I think. I've decided the best word to describe it would be "montage". Among the things shown are the tunnel itself, some VERY old gravestones somewhere, a destroyed car/truck in the woods, a dead fox, a rotten door standing on it's own, something emerging from the reeds wearing a policeman or conductor uniform, a human skull sunken in the mud, and a piece of paper in a tree that reads 27. The whole thing has unidentifiable audio, with what sounds like a young girls voice and an old man. I can't make out what they're saying though.

I know that all must sound strange, and it is. Hopefully I can get some stills tommorow. Night.


By Tia on Friday, December 10, 2004 - 08:29 pm:

I don't want to be a nay sayer, but, there was effort and impact with the Blair Witch too, was it that style of video. Someone documenting their experience in the tunnel. (I must apologize also James for getting off track there.) :)
It's almost as though most people have an expectation from the experiences of others at the tunnel. Maybe the spirits are becoming agitated from the lack of respect from visitors. What do you think Cathy.

By Cathy Brady on Friday, December 10, 2004 - 08:22 pm:

*LOL* almost what I was thinkin. (cheerios came to mind)

Sorry James. Things got a little off track. :) What kind of stuff was on the tape? Can you clarify? What do you mean about "such a frightening amount of effort and impact with it"?

By Tia on Friday, December 10, 2004 - 08:17 pm:

With strawberries :)

By Tia on Friday, December 10, 2004 - 08:16 pm:

Honey bunches of oats :)

By Cathy Brady on Friday, December 10, 2004 - 08:14 pm:

*LOL* Tia that was the first thing that came to our minds too. Are you trying out your mind reading trick again?? You're doing great at it you know. hehehehe (What kind of oatmeal are YOU eating today??)

By Tia on Friday, December 10, 2004 - 07:44 pm:

Hi James,
What was on the tape, was it the tunnel, outside the tunnel, someone who maybe made it and didn't know what to make of it themselves. The obviously didn't want it wrecked or they wouldn't have put it in a bag. Maybe someone is trying to copy The Ring.

By James on Friday, December 10, 2004 - 07:03 pm:

Hey all, long-time no-post

Since spring I had not been back to the BGT, and wow has it changed. I guess it's become pretty popular since that tv show aired cause it's amazing what you'll find down there. I've been there three times in the last month, and found things ranging from bikes to fires in the tunnel.

One particular thing though, when I went tonight I found a vhs tape in a ziplock bag ...left seemingly intentionally in the middle of the tunnel. I took it home and watched it out of curiousity, and it is flat out strange. Actually, it can't be described. You want to think it's a joke, but there's such a frightening amount of effort and impact with it. Why?