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By Cathy Brady on Tuesday, March 29, 2005 - 07:52 pm:

Hi Fido

There are a few of us here that have had some experience with the spirits from the BGT. There are many spirits that are there and we've had some interesting tales come out of our visits to the tunnel. I hope you too come away with something when you visit. :) Good luck and happy hunting.

By Fidopurpur on Tuesday, March 29, 2005 - 07:37 pm:

i am planning a trip to ontario at the end of april and will be visiting and investing blue ghost tunnel, darnly mills, screaming tunnel, hamilton hermitage and other high priority paranormal sites, also the haunted school in dundas ontario na d will be following this up with a quick tripo to new jersey to check jerkay bays area, is there anyone out there who has seen or even talke to spirits or other entities in the blue ghost tunnel, i would love to hear from you, good luck to all and be careful, all the best, fido.

By Chris on Saturday, May 22, 2004 - 02:03 pm:

Ken, Keep in mind that men wore their hair long in those days and the face looks like a colonial man. I thought at first, that this was taken at the BGT so it is not a Chihuahua. LOL

By Gandalphthegrey on Saturday, May 22, 2004 - 01:43 pm:

hope this works lol

By Gandalphthegrey on Saturday, May 22, 2004 - 01:38 pm:

i didnt try that will see what happens

By Cathy Brady on Saturday, May 22, 2004 - 01:34 pm:

It might be because the file name is the same as the first upload, so it won't accept it. Did you try changing the pic's name before uploading? :)

By Gandalphthegrey on Saturday, May 22, 2004 - 01:24 pm:

well i tryed to post the one were i circled were the image was but it wouldnt upload

By Gandalphthegrey on Saturday, May 22, 2004 - 01:19 pm:

1,this is the same pic i zoomed it out a bit and circled the spot

By soldierpup on Saturday, May 22, 2004 - 01:15 pm:

You mean that little yapper is back again?

By Gandalphthegrey on Saturday, May 22, 2004 - 01:14 pm:

this pic was taken near the queeston heights battle ground near the spot wear the attroney general for upper canada was killed to me it looks like a women.

By Gandalphthegrey on Saturday, May 22, 2004 - 01:10 pm:

i never seen the big sign there just a small one that said no trespassing

By Gandalphthegrey on Saturday, May 22, 2004 - 01:06 pm:

if u look near the top of the pic in the middle u will see a face

By Chris on Saturday, May 22, 2004 - 01:03 pm:

I see a face in the centre of the picture. Maybe a Chihuahua, but I can't be sure.

By Delaina on Saturday, May 22, 2004 - 08:47 am:

Can someone explain? I don't see anything in the pic. thanx

By Wendy P on Saturday, May 22, 2004 - 08:05 am:

Hi Ken.

Cool pic.

As for the no trespassing signs at the BGT, the big sign with all the red circles with the lines through them show everything from vehicles, dogs, walking, and everything else you can think of.

By Gandalphthegrey on Friday, May 21, 2004 - 10:55 pm:

i also just wanted to say that the no trespassing signs were put up for the ppl that go four wheeling out there casue as u may have noticed they destroy alot of the habbitat out there.The bgt is actually part of the old welland canel sceneic trail.

By Gandalphthegrey on Friday, May 21, 2004 - 10:08 pm:

i didnt know what was in this pic right away but when i did i almost fell off my chair lol.

By Gandalphthegrey on Friday, May 21, 2004 - 10:04 pm:

this pic i took a month ago just had got off work thought i would go snap some pics lol i had to crop it though.

By George Brady on Monday, April 26, 2004 - 05:59 pm:

Hey Ken....

It has been a while since we heard from you, So nice to know you are still around.heheehehehe

Hope to catch up with you soon , Last time we saw you I had that red fluid running from the car.....

Keep in touch ken , and let us know when we can meet up with you.....

Don't work to hard ok......*L*

By Wendy P on Monday, April 26, 2004 - 11:41 am:

Hi Ken.

It's nice to hear from you. We missed you at the Easter party, but working hours like those, it's no wonder you couldn't make it. Hope we can meet up again some time.

By Gandalphthegrey on Monday, April 26, 2004 - 08:01 am:

hey i just thought id say high lol this is a really busy month at work just finished a 18 hour shift yesterday but i should have more freetime in may yeehaa

By Cathy Brady on Wednesday, April 21, 2004 - 01:20 pm:

It's really too bad that someone felt the need to have a weinie roast in the tunnel. I guess they didn't think it through before lighting their fire on the boardwalk. Such a shame! :(

By Wendy P on Monday, April 19, 2004 - 11:38 am:

Just a note to let everyone know that the BGT is no longer accessible. The gate has a big "NO TRESPASSING. VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED." sign, along with another sign showing that you can't even walk in there, let alone drive in 4X4s, etc. The dirt mound has also been built up, with big chunks of concrete to discourage everyone, and to make it impossible for people with 4X4s and snowmobiles to get through.

Cathy, please don't forget to e-mail me re: our conversation last night.

By Wendy P on Friday, March 26, 2004 - 02:00 pm:

There are some interesting new things posted on my website. Check out the amazing evps from last week at the BGT on

Also, check out the picture of who I think is probably Wayne at

By Chris on Tuesday, March 23, 2004 - 05:16 pm:

I have had that happen at Sydenhem.

By soldierpup on Tuesday, March 23, 2004 - 03:49 pm:

Hi There
My experiences at the BGT have been the same.I have had batteries die and my camera shut off.It is mostly my camera shutting off and acting up.For no reason at all my camera will not flash of shut off,one night it shut off 4 times.It only seems to happen at the BGT.Can't figure it out

By Chris on Monday, March 22, 2004 - 08:08 pm:

Delaina, Cathy is correct. The spirits draw from the electrical currents drawn from the batteries in use and drain them just like your flash light does. Sometimes it can happen in minutes and it is always good to have a spare set or two for you and not for the spirits.

They will communicate with you in many ways if you open your mind to it. They don't have to appear. Some times you will sense them and sometimes you won't. That is why I wrote a bit about meditation. It is a good exercise for anyone interested in communicating with spirits.

By Cathy Brady on Monday, March 22, 2004 - 06:34 pm:

We've been there and had two sets of back up batteries with us, with nothing unusual happening. And didn't get many pictures either. Then there have been times when we've been there and gone through all of our batteries, but gotten a lot of interesting pictures.
It seems that the batteries have to be in use before the spirits can draw energy from them.
It also seems to relate to the phase of the moon. :)

By Delaina on Monday, March 22, 2004 - 06:25 pm:

I wonder what would happen if you supplied the spirits with a whole pack of fresh batteries. Do you think they would use the energy and show themselves clearly? An interesting thought...

By Cathy Brady on Monday, March 22, 2004 - 02:06 pm:

I've had a fresh set of batteries die immediately after putting them in my camera. So far the BGT and the Darnley Mill are the only places that has happened.

Wendy, it sounds like someone was giving you a hint that it was time to go. :)

By Chris on Monday, March 22, 2004 - 01:25 pm:

Spirits use a variety of energy sources to materialize. Electrical storms, static electricity and batteries are some of them. I have had my batteries go in a matter of seconds at Sydenham

By Wendy P on Monday, March 22, 2004 - 12:33 pm:

Was at the BGT on Sun., 21st in the afternoon. Man, was it cold! Interesting, though.

Heard children's voices again, but no smells or anything. There was one tree outside, up the path, that was moving when none of the rest were. Listening to the tape now, and finding several evps.
The most interesting thing, though, was that I was looking at the video camera and I noted that there was 18 min. of battery time left. I was very cold, and I thought, "Maybe we can leave in 18 min. when the battery is finished." In a split second after I thought that, the battery time remeaining went down to zero, and the battery was finished. Was someone there trying to help me, or did they just want to get rid of us? (We had taken several pictures with anywhere from one to 3 or 4 huge red orbs in them.)

By Cathy Brady on Monday, March 22, 2004 - 09:07 am:

You got a leak in your transmission line? thinks the spirits at the BGT like transmission fluid! *LOL* I'm glad to hear that you had a productive night despite the problems that were presented.

By Gandalphthegrey on Monday, March 22, 2004 - 07:45 am:

i went to the bgt on the 20th and develped a nasty leak in my transmision line but got some good pics with ecto mist none the less was deff a active night

By Wendy P on Thursday, March 18, 2004 - 08:04 pm:

Don't mind me, Chris. I guess I have trouble reading between the lines sometimes.

By Chris on Thursday, March 18, 2004 - 07:58 pm:

Wendy I was not being literal about the fire. I was saying that if there were people who were not taking it seriously they can cause trouble to occur.

By Wendy P on Thursday, March 18, 2004 - 07:50 pm:

You're right, Chris. He does seem angry, but this video was taken the night before the fire. I was there with Rick and Margaret, then I went again the next night with HP.

By Chris on Thursday, March 18, 2004 - 06:05 pm:

Wendy, I see that you got an angry spirit in the BGT. It is not good to make fun on an outing, least of all there. People are playing with fire when they start that stuff.

By Wendy P on Thursday, March 18, 2004 - 05:38 pm:

George, I managed to take pictures off of my tv screen, to get a pic of that shadow man in the BGT that was on the video I told you about. It's posted at

By Wendy P on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 02:54 pm:

I've posted some interesting evps that were captured at the BGT on March 5/04 and March 6/04.

I can't remember if I already posted this message or not, so please ignore it if I did.

By Chris on Wednesday, March 10, 2004 - 12:40 pm:

or her

By Gandalphthegrey on Wednesday, March 10, 2004 - 04:40 am:

this started about 3 weeks ago seems when ever i am in a real active place it shows up but i do have a guardian dragon that follows me from time to time so could be him

By Wendy P on Tuesday, March 09, 2004 - 08:05 pm:

Hey, Ken, it was nice to see you again the other night.

I know this blue orb thing started at the BGT. Was it the other night or some time before that?

By Chris on Tuesday, March 09, 2004 - 07:02 pm:

If you have checked the obvious like your camera and if the orb keeps showing up in the same spot on the pictures, then you have a paranormal orb. The colour blue is often thought to be angelic. It is a good spirit and is giving off good vibes. It is possible that it is your spirit guide or gardian angel, depending on how you look at it. It is a good spirit.

Check for the logical explanations first, Ken and rule out the natural. It is interesting though.

By Gandalphthegrey on Tuesday, March 09, 2004 - 06:45 pm:

the light u see off to the left is just a grave marker but this orb seems to be following me now lol

By Gandalphthegrey on Tuesday, March 09, 2004 - 06:42 pm:

it started at the bgt and so far i have now got it at the darnley mill the dundas train station and the cemetary were i got that pic

By Chris on Tuesday, March 09, 2004 - 09:12 am:

Ken the blue orb is interesting. How many times have you got it on film and where?

By Gandalphthegrey on Monday, March 08, 2004 - 12:45 pm:

see everwere i g i have this blue orb follow me i got this one last night lol

By George Brady on Sunday, March 07, 2004 - 02:34 pm:

HI there Ken.....

It was a interesting night to say the lease, but we did make it home ok , although we made a lot of stops at the diffrent gas stations...heehehehehehe

Thank you for letting us know you were thinking of us and if all went alright......

The car is now fixed , got lucky today to find a garage that could do it.....:)

We hope to see you again soon for another good night , it was a pleasure to have been with you while on our investigation at the BGT......

By Gandalphthegrey on Sunday, March 07, 2004 - 11:58 am:

well that was a goodnight last night hope u guys got home last night ok

By Wendy P on Thursday, March 04, 2004 - 08:33 pm:

I posted some of the evps I got last weekend at

and a picture that was sent to me from a guy we met there last weekend at

By James on Thursday, March 04, 2004 - 05:16 pm:

Just off-topic, I'm probably going there tonight.

By Wendy P on Thursday, February 26, 2004 - 06:47 pm:

Cindy, I can hear it, but it isn't clear enough to be useable, so I couldn't leave it on the site. Yours is quite clear if you turn up the volume. There is a loud noise at the end of your name, but if you listen closely, you'll hear it.

By soldierpup on Thursday, February 26, 2004 - 04:29 pm:

Hi Wendy
I haven't that one,but I will be going to your site to check it out.It would be real creepy to actually hear your own name being called out.Cathy played the one that is suppose to be saying my name,but I couldn't hear it,we will have to play it again and listen more carefully,hope to see you soon,and it was nice to finally meet your son,he is a very nice young man.

By Wendy P on Thursday, February 26, 2004 - 12:51 pm:

I forgot to say that I posted it on my site, for anyone who wants to check it out.

By Wendy P on Thursday, February 26, 2004 - 12:50 pm:

Hey, Cindy, I guess we're in the same boat. I was able to slow down one of the voices (the adult voice just before the little girl's voice, which I originally thought was me speaking). Not only wasn't it me speaking - it was somebody speaking my name. This is interesting, because when I tried to leave that area where the girls' voice and laughing were heard, I got that painful pressure on my shoulders to stay.

By Wendy P on Thursday, February 26, 2004 - 12:48 pm:

Happy Birthday, Cathy!!

This is great. Now we can verify what we each get, or catch what each other misses.

By Cathy Brady on Thursday, February 26, 2004 - 12:35 pm:

Wow!! That would have been significant combined with the picture! Too bad you deleted it.

Anyway, guess what George gave me for my birthday??? *L* I've got my very own digital recorder! We'll have to compare next time we meet up with you. :)

By Wendy P on Thursday, February 26, 2004 - 11:49 am:

I forgot to tell you guys about a picture that my son took last Sat. Unfortunately, I've deleted it because I didn't realize the significance of it until later. I thought it was simply another orb (which it was), although it looked like there was something inside it. We zoomed in and couldn't tell what it was, if anything, and since it was just an orb, although a big one, and because I was in the picture, and I hate pictures of me, it's deleted. Now for the significance: I was rubbing my forehead, because I had just gotten a stabbing headache, which led immediately into pressure on my shoulders. Also, just a couple minutes before the headache I had pressure on my shoulders which then let up. My son took the picture when I got the headache, just in case. The big orb - it just happened to be right behind my shoulder.

By soldierpup on Wednesday, February 25, 2004 - 06:08 pm:

Hi Everyone
I just listened to the evp's from the other night that Wendy sent and I was amazed at what she got on the tape.Way to go Wendy....It's supposed to be a great weekend weather wise so maybe we can get out for the 2 night's.I have changed my name to soldierpup.I was reminded that it would be more suitable....LMAO

By Wendy P on Tuesday, February 24, 2004 - 01:40 pm:

I've just posted the final 2 evps that are usable from Sat. night.

I had to remove a couple of the little girl ones, because they just didn't sound right (at top of the page), but there are still a couple.

Cindy, you might find the last two I posted particularly interesting, since one is saying your name.

By Cathy Brady on Tuesday, February 24, 2004 - 12:39 pm:

Yes it is kinda cool. Unfortunately though ours is just too faint to be able to use it. :( There have been quite a few faint voices, but too faint to know what is being said or be of any use to us.

By Wendy P on Tuesday, February 24, 2004 - 12:34 pm:

Cathy, it's cool that we both got the same thing on tape.

By Cathy Brady on Monday, February 23, 2004 - 09:34 pm:

*L* It's kinda funny that you'd mention the "help me" evp. I'm sitting here listening to our tape from Saturday and I have a very faint "help me" in ours as well. It kind of startled me at first so I had to go back and listen three or four times. Unfortunately I think it's going to be too quiet to be of any use. :(

By Wendy P on Monday, February 23, 2004 - 09:18 pm:

For those who were at the BGT last Sat., I wanted to tell you that I also got another evp of a woman saying "Paula" and another one of a woman saying "help me". I didn't post those, but it shows that whatever is happening in the spirit world of the BGT, those two "strands" seem to be ongoing.

By Wendy P on Monday, February 23, 2004 - 09:10 pm:

Hi everybody.

I've posted some pretty amazing (and in some cases, weird) evps from last Sat. at the BGT.

Check them out at

then click on EVP - Page Four

Still 8 more evps to work on, believe it or not. Whether they'll all come out clear or not remains to be seen.

By Wendy P on Sunday, February 15, 2004 - 07:47 pm:

Hi everybody.

Yes, last night was really interesting again! It was nice to have Chris and Alicia out with us - made it even more fun. And, Chris, thanks for the insights and suggestions you gave me. I hope to see you again soon.

I'll be working on the evps through the week, and I'll let you all know as I get them ready. Some seem promising to come fairly clear, and some maybe not (but they're still interesting - I love hearing the spirits' voices).

See you all again soon, I hope.

By soldiermom on Sunday, February 15, 2004 - 01:08 pm:

Hi Guys,again it was a great night at the BGT.Had some strange things happening in there yet again.I'm glad Chris had the opportunity to experience some of the thing's that we have had happened to us.I hope you can join us again Chris,it was fun to have you with us.I can't wait to see all the pic's and hear Wendy's evp's.I took over 400 pictures last night and I know some them were very interesting.We all had experienced something last night and I'm sure we all will be talking about it with each other soon.

By George Brady on Sunday, February 15, 2004 - 12:28 pm:

Hi there Chris....

It was a interesting night at the BGT, Now you can understand why we go there so often ,Last night was very cold but in the tunnel its a bit warmer and there is no wind.

The BGT is a wonderful place to investigate for there is always something new that happens there.

The pipe smell is the first time we had ever sensed that there, the perfume smell has made its presents known before....

It was a pleasure to have you with us, and we are sure your trip there was a experince that you will not soon forget....

Wendy had got 7 EVP recordings in the tunnel last night , I have to invest into a digital recorder, seems like they pick up a lot more then the regular recorders......

Wendy also has a program to tune some of the frequencies out so that one can hear better to a unknown voice....

I ended up taking 453 pictures last night, now I have to go through them to see what ones will be going up on the site......

Cathy took 186 pictures last night and only got 3 ecto mist shots, as for Cindy I have no idea how many she took:)

We hope to see you out there with us again sometime soon.......

By Chris on Sunday, February 15, 2004 - 12:13 pm:

Last night I had the privilege of going to the BGT for the first time. It is truly an amazing place with lots of activity there. For the first time ever, I smelled various odours like perfume, fresh cut hay, and pipe smoke. The pipe smoke was the strongest smell for me. More than one of us had the same smell at the same time. The pictures were very curious and interesting.

We took the time to hold our breath and make sure no one was smoking during the time we were taking pictures and we got some very interesting shots.

Thankyou George and Cathy for inviting me and to Wendy, Cindy and Alicia for making the evening even more enjoyable.

By Soldiermom on Saturday, February 14, 2004 - 03:20 pm:

Hey Guys
I love the picture of the Gremlin car at the BGT.I wonder if we will see it when we go there a bow you guys that was great.

By Chris on Saturday, February 14, 2004 - 02:52 pm:

I am still chuckling over the car picture. I love a good joke and the presentation, delivery and punch line were superb.

It is nice to find that there are still those with a good sense of humour. Keep up the good work and glad you are here.

By George Brady on Saturday, February 14, 2004 - 02:24 pm:

HI there James .....
I love the car pic you put on by the BGT, its GREAT!!!!!!!
I had to chuckle when I seen it last night .....

As for the other Gremlin Pic presented by Chad , good try but it does not match up with the one James put up in my opinion....

Please in the future Chad if you wish to mock this board please do so on your own board....

We respect that you have chosen not to have any dealings with us, this was your choice, so please stay on your side of the fence....thanking you in advance for your co-operation......

By Gemlins do it 69 on Saturday, February 14, 2004 - 08:30 am:

Look what I found at the Blue Ghost Tunnel.
<a href=""></a>

By Cathy Brady on Saturday, February 14, 2004 - 07:26 am:

James, to post an image you put this in (minus the spaces of course) \ image {an explanation or comment about the picture} then click the preview/post message button. Once there you should see your message with a little funny looking image that says your image here. Once you see that you just submit the post and it will come up with a little browse box so you can look for the image on your HD. When you view the post your image should be there. :) I hope that helps a bit.

By Cathy Brady on Saturday, February 14, 2004 - 07:20 am:

Sorry folks the last few posts had to be removed. Bashing others is not allowed at any time on this board. :) I hope you all understand.

By James on Friday, February 13, 2004 - 10:26 pm:

I can't figure out how the tags work on this wacky board :O

By Chris on Friday, February 13, 2004 - 09:45 pm:

LOL I bow to the master. That was very good. Too funny. Good one.

By Cathy Brady on Friday, February 13, 2004 - 06:32 pm:

*LOL* For those that haven't seen it yet, here's the picture in question.
gremlin at the tunnel

My hat's off to you for capturing the gremlin on film. :)

By James on Friday, February 13, 2004 - 03:34 pm:

By James on Friday, February 13, 2004 - 03:33 pm:


My God, he's telling the truth!

By Dogman on Friday, February 13, 2004 - 12:29 pm:

Hey Opiate, I got a picture of one today, but I don't know how to post a pic man!

By opiate on Friday, February 13, 2004 - 11:27 am:

I've seen many bats there as well, but never a knee high one with 2 legs. So Im sticking with Gremlin.

By Chris on Friday, February 13, 2004 - 09:32 am:

Bat's are in a lot of belfries that I have encuntered.

By Cathy Brady on Friday, February 13, 2004 - 05:24 am:

Hi Dogman
Apology accepted. I'm sure you just didn't realize that children might read the board from time to time.

Hi Gemlins do it 69
Long time no see. *L* One point of interest. It can't be bats at this time of year since bats hibernate for the winter just like bears do. :) But thanks for posting anyway. Maybe we'll bump into you out there some time. *LOL*

By Gemlins do it 69 on Thursday, February 12, 2004 - 11:14 pm:

OMG - Gemlins in the blue ghost tunnel ?
You got to be out of your f**cken minds people.
Are you sure there Gemlins and not bats ?

By Dogman on Thursday, February 12, 2004 - 10:05 pm:

Oh I'm sorry! I'll not do it again.

By Cathy Brady on Thursday, February 12, 2004 - 09:27 pm:

Sorry Dogman....we had to edit your post just a bit. We need to keep this a G rated board since children do stop by and read it from time to time. Hope you understand. :)

By Dogman on Thursday, February 12, 2004 - 08:41 pm:

I will catch one of the little pr**** if I wasn't so very frightned of things like that. They appear to live near the pump house, on the other side.

By Cathy Brady on Thursday, February 12, 2004 - 07:21 pm:

I have seen some pretty weird stuff, but I've never seen a gremlin. Could be a scientific first if we could get one on film. *LOL* Any volunteers for finding one for us?

By opiate on Thursday, February 12, 2004 - 02:31 pm:

There was a time when we would be there pretty much every other day or so, but we have only seen them twice now.. damned frighening I tells yah

By Wendy P on Thursday, February 12, 2004 - 01:10 pm:

I've experienced many things in the BGT, on many visits over the last year or so,but never gremlins. How interesting. Maybe they're what cause our cameras not to take pictures, occasionally. *L*

By opiate on Thursday, February 12, 2004 - 12:30 pm:

I can back him up on that one, for I have witnessed them myself.

By Cathy Brady on Thursday, February 12, 2004 - 05:16 am:

Cool! :) I wonder why we've never seen them in all our visits before? Care to elaborate Dogman? Or maybe tag along on our next visit so you can point them out for us? Because obviously you've seen them, right? *L*

By Dogman on Wednesday, February 11, 2004 - 09:04 pm:

This is no laughing matter, there is an infestation.

By Cathy Brady on Wednesday, February 11, 2004 - 02:12 pm:

Oh cool!! Gemlins in the tunnrl!!! *L*

By Dogman on Wednesday, February 11, 2004 - 10:45 am:

Watch out for Gemlins at the Tunnrl.

By Soldiermom on Sunday, February 08, 2004 - 10:44 am:

Hello Guys
Well yet again it was another interesting evening in the ghost hunting world.But the weather needs to cooperate alittle more.Boy did it get cold out there.It was nice to meet Ken,Matt and Brett,we had some interesting conversations about the paranormal with them.Hope you got some good pic's Georgie(what's up with my camera)lol....see ya later for coffee

By Cathy Brady on Thursday, January 29, 2004 - 07:23 pm:

*LOL* Well I'd say it's better to be obsessed than possessed. :) I am forever trying to get better pictures. And forever learning something new. So yes the open mind is a must. But I've gotta put a new memory card in my camera. This one is getting too old to give me decent pics.

By Wendy P on Thursday, January 29, 2004 - 06:53 pm:

Hey, Cathy, I sure have the open mind. It's the practice I need, and sometimes the perserverance. But since I seem to be obsessed with trying to get pictures and tape recordings, I guess I'll eventually get there. I'll just keep on trying to learn from the best. BTW, I know you guys are always there, and I'm glad to know it. I was just wondering where everybody else is.
Moving's no fun. I sure know that. That's why I haven't gotten around to moving out of our not-so-great place yet. Good luck with yours.


By Cathy Brady on Thursday, January 29, 2004 - 12:53 pm:

*LOL* Wendy you are always capable of taking the same type pictures we get. All it takes is some practice, perseverance, and an open mind. After all, anything is possible. Right?
As for no new posts, we've been so busy with moving details that we hadn't really paid too much attention. :) But we're always just an email or phone call away.

By Wendy P on Thursday, January 29, 2004 - 12:44 pm:

Ok, no new messages posted for 2 days in a row is not good, so I'll post one.

I looked at the updates for Battlefield Park and the BGT, and they're fabulous! I especially liked the one outside the BGT where the ecto goes from the ground to way above the tunnel entrance - that's huge! And I see a demon's head in a couple of the BGT pictures, too. When will I ever learn to take pictures like you guys?


By Chad ~aka~ Big-Daddy-Long-Legs on Monday, January 26, 2004 - 07:15 am:

Yes thats right Cathy. *lol* But it was alot of fun. :) I hope next we all go there it will be alot warmer so we can cross the canal to visit the other side of the tunnel.

Chad ~aka~ Big-Daddy-Long-Legs

By Cathy Brady on Monday, January 26, 2004 - 06:37 am:

Cool pics James. And I have to admit that my favorite is also the one with the big frog under the ice. It was so cold in the tunnel by the time we got there that I decided I wasn't going through the hole in the ice. I wasn't too thrilled about the idea of getting soaked by all the water dripping right above the hole. *L*
It was quite comical to see Chad dragging a 4X4 that he'd found to the back of the tunnel so he could try to break more ice and make the hole bigger. Of course it didn't work. All he did is get wet and dirty and make a lot of noise. :)
Isn't that right Chad?!

By James on Sunday, January 25, 2004 - 10:45 pm:

No unfortunately I'm stuck in a VW jetta this winter, and last time my buddy drove in his stationwagon. Yeah, there was alot of falling. We aren't the most graceful bunch. The most painful spills were when we landed on the hunks of ice-shrapnel that fell from the ceiling. We tried to sweep alot of it into the gutter that's on the right side of the tunnel but it was no use. The cameraman even took a dive with the camera, tripod, and everything. Luckily he had time to tuck it into his coat and avoided landing on it. Even coming to the tunnel we decided to take the shortcut, and I slid on my ass all the way down that steep hill. In many ways winter sucks, but I was suprised at how warm it can get inside the tunnel. Water was pouring down so much on the inside that it soaked my hair and froze it. They were good times though, we've all made a pact not to tell anyone about the tunnel so that it doesn't get vandalized.

By Chad ~aka~ Big-Daddy-Long-Legs on Sunday, January 25, 2004 - 09:45 pm:

Very cool pics James. I love the one with the big ass frog under the ice. *lol* - Did anyone of you fall on your ass? I almost did last night. You guys must be nuts not dressing warmer. All I saw in some of the pics where you guys with just wearing leather jackets & no gloves on. I was wondering if you guys came down in a pick-up truck last night? Becaues we saw one last night following us there, but then it just turned around & left. :) Well have to meet up some night when it gets wearmer outside.

Chad ~aka~ Big-Daddy-Long-Legs

By James on Sunday, January 25, 2004 - 09:23 pm:

I forgot to mention, I left the photos at full resolution so you can see more detail. If you want I can resize them, or just download them to your machine. They are rather large.

By James on Sunday, January 25, 2004 - 09:17 pm:

Here are the pics as promised:

To get through the hole I found its easiest if you put your arms through first. As I was going through I turned over onto my back so I could see if any ice was dangling over me, then kicked my feet up through. My other buddy in the black (sledge man) did the same and he weighs in at 220. In any case you're gonna be a little uncomfortable, lol. We tried to make the hole as big as possible but after 20 minutes of breaking ice we were sweating buckets. By the time we were finished the entire tunnel looked like a giant ice box. Some cool things to note about the pics: On the other side of the ice wall the flooded area of the tunnel is covered in ice. The funny thing is there are still frogs and minows living under there and we managed to get some pics of them. You can see at the end of the tunnel its all swamp, with no way to go further unless you like water up to your waist. A few really strange things did happen though. When we first entered the tunnel I noticed candles on many of the support beams. Also, on the other side of the ice wall there were snow FOOTPRINTS leading out to the other side. Either someone had come in from the other side and braved the swamp, or some other forces were at play here. Even stranger was that the snow outside the tunnel was completely un-tainted. The footprints simply begin in the tunnel. I know its hard to prove, but you can see what I'm talking about in picture 25. There's no way we could've all trudged snow through the entire tunnel. Finally, we were walking ahead and my friend called out that he thought someone else was in the tunnel. He turned around quick and took our only picture that turned out of ectomist. All in all this journey was more rewarding than the last one, just because we got to see the other side of the tunnel. There are alot of good action pics in there, so enjoy.

By Chad ~aka~ Big-Daddy-Long-Legs on Sunday, January 25, 2004 - 04:21 pm:

Here is a link to some more ice pictures taken last night at the Blue Ghost Tunnel. - Click Here -

Chad ~aka~ Big-Daddy-Long-Legs

By Chad Big-Daddy-Long-Legs on Sunday, January 25, 2004 - 01:41 am:

Here are some ice pictures taken at the BGT last night. Enjoy. :) 01/24/04

There is that hole James & his friends made.
I could not fit inside that small hole.
Losts Of Solid Ice
& More Solid Ice

Have a good night everyone. :)

Chad ~aka~ Big-Daddy-Long-Legs

By Chad Big-Daddy-Long-Legs on Sunday, January 25, 2004 - 01:01 am:

Hey James...
Ya, Cathy, George, Cindy, Wendy & I
where at the BGT tonight too around 8:45/pm til' about just after Midnight. Your right about the solid ice. I had fun breaking down some of the ice inside. We all had one hell of a time there tonight. :) We all got some pretty good pictures too. What time did you guys leave? Well, Its now 3:00/am & Im going to bed. Good night all & keep warm. :)

Chad ~aka~ Big-Daddy-Long-Legs :)

By James on Saturday, January 24, 2004 - 06:09 pm:

We went back to the BGT today at 4:30 with sledgehammers to knock down the ice and see if we could get through to the other side. We took down the largest icicles hanging from the ceiling easily, but that wall of ice was as solid as oak. We managed to make a hole that is big enough to fit anyone through if you're willing to crawl. There were alot of very fragile icicles on the other side that needed to come down too. We actually got to the other end and it was very rewarding. The last 30 ft where the tunnel is flooded was all thick ice that you can walk across. If you point your flashlight at the ground you can see minows and frogs swimming underneath. At the very end of the tunnel there's some fence and barbed wire but part of the fence has been kicked out. I wanted to see where we were exactly but outside of the tunnel is all swamp. Be careful if any of you go because outside of the tunnel the ice is very thin. My buddy took about 40 pics that I'll upload tonight. Stay tuned.

By Cathy Brady on Monday, January 19, 2004 - 12:40 pm:

Wendy you tell Rick we've got the evidence to back that up too!!! hehehe

By Wendy P on Monday, January 19, 2004 - 12:35 pm:

Hi everybody.

The only one who may be trying to become a spirit at the BGT is Rick, judging by his fall the other night. *lol*


By Cathy Brady on Monday, January 19, 2004 - 08:51 am:

Hey Chad

When we were out there this last weekend there didn't seem to be much water coming down the stream out there. So I am going to hazard a guess that they've at least drained most of the reservoir. We didn't go to the pump house to check on it since the snow was knee deep. *L* Way too much trudging for that.

By Chad ~aka~ Big-Daddy-Long-Legs on Monday, January 19, 2004 - 08:33 am:

Hey Cathy...
Did you see if the old 3rd lock at the canel has been opened yet? Becaues if it is open, then it will be safe to cross to the other end of the BGT.

Well have to all go take a drive back to the BGT in February & see if its the locks are open or not. :)

Chad ~aka~ Big-Daddy-Long-Legs

By Cathy Brady on Sunday, January 18, 2004 - 09:39 pm:

Hi James

The last 30 feet or so of the tunnel is flooded with water and has no walkway over it to reach the other entrance. I've been told that it is possible to come in from the other end when everything is frozen, but I'm not sure where you'd go since we haven't tried it ourselves. :)

By James on Sunday, January 18, 2004 - 09:29 pm:

Thanks guys, I'd like to go back out there soon but later at night.

I was wondering though if you can get all the way through the tunnel normally when there's no ice there, or has it collapsed in at some point?

By George Brady on Sunday, January 18, 2004 - 06:44 pm:

HI there James.....

Sounds like your trip was pretty interesting to say the least, but the one picture does have a spirit of a dog that seemed to be forming to the left....

It was cold, but no wind thank goodness. The tunnel is the place to be if it is windy or snowing out. At least one is out of the elements....:)

We hope to meet up with you one day. We hope your next experience at the tunnel will be a good one......

By James on Sunday, January 18, 2004 - 05:02 pm:

Btw now that you mention it pic 11 does look like there's something there. It looked like another ice mound but if you go in closer it doesn't have a reflective surface. Weird.

By James on Sunday, January 18, 2004 - 05:00 pm:

Well I guess we just missed you guys by a few hours or so. What happened was we drove all the way down and parked just beyond the train bridge at 5:15 or so. After that it sucked walking because there were no footprints to step in and we got pretty tired. We stopped at the canal for a bit to rest and took some pictures, then arrived at the tunnel around 5:30. We only had 1 flashlight which proved to make the journey through the tunnel difficult. If you noticed chunks of ice everywhere its because my one friend slipped and slid into an ice wall, and the other who was holding the camera tripod bashed his head off one of the support beams. LOL! Anyways I have no idea what time it was but we set up the tripod for most of those pics. I found the ice to be really fascinating. We didn't hear much other than alot of water dripping. One odd thing did happen, we heard dogs in the distance barking when we were right at the mouth of the tunnel. Anyways we left at about 6:30 and noticed that on the immediate left of the tunnel there's a hill that goes up and gets you there/back much faster. It's marked with a spraypainted "BGT" but we didn't see it on the way since it was covered in snow. After being very impressed by the experience we've decided to return with a videocamera on a warmer day.

By Cathy Brady on Sunday, January 18, 2004 - 03:54 pm:

Hi James

Cool pics you've got there. If you look to the left in televen.jpg you'll see what appears to be a dog in ecto form. We went to the BGT last night as well. We went at about 9 PM. Had another great investigation night. :)

Welcome back Chad.

Did you have lots of fun? We did! Course we had to walk through snow that was knee deep, but it was well worth the effort considering the pics that we got. (They'll be up on the site soon!!)

By Chad Bid-Daddy-Long-Legs on Sunday, January 18, 2004 - 02:34 pm:

Hey James...
I just took a look at your BGT pix, & I must say they look great. It must of been pretty cold last night @ 6/pm. So when did you guys leave the BGT last night?
Hey Cathy...
I just got back for Toronto.
I got some great pix of Union Station. I'll be adding some of them on the LSP site soon.

Chad ~aka~ Bid-Daddy-Long-Legs :)

By James on Saturday, January 17, 2004 - 07:34 pm:

Hey all,

Two friends and myself went to the BGT this weekend on Saturday the 17th around 6pm. I have an index of pics if you want to check them out. No ghosts it would seem, but some neat pics of ice and the old canal. The series goes from "twiseguys.jpg, tone.jpg" to "televen.jpg". I'm the one in the first picture on the far left with the jacket that's too small. Enjoy.

By Cathy Brady on Friday, January 16, 2004 - 10:32 am:

*LOL* You can call them whatever kind of dog makes you happy. Maybe there are more dogs than what Cindy captured on camera?! hehehe I definitely know there are more spirits than what we've gotten distinct pictures of. Anyone can feel their presence if they have an open mind. Some of them you can feel more forcefully than others. :)

By Chad ~aka~ Big-Daddy-Long-Legs on Friday, January 16, 2004 - 10:24 am:

Hey Cathy...
Ya, I can be a goofy guy sometimes.
But I think the Pitbulls are still there.
I think one of them bumped into me & Cindy last weekend at the BGT. :)

Chad ~aka~ Big-Daddy-Long-Legs

By Cathy Brady on Friday, January 16, 2004 - 08:21 am:

Hey Chad

You are such a goofy guy. The Ouija board is evil? Nah...just depends on how it's used.

As for the pitbull ghosts, could be whoever owned them has finally crossed over so the dogs went with them?! :)

By Chad ~SKULLY~ on Thursday, January 15, 2004 - 10:38 pm:

Hey Cathy, Cindy & George...
Great pictures you guys took at the BGT last weekend. A+ !!! I was wondering what happend to the two ghosts of the Pitbulls at the tunnel ? I remember taking photo shots of them about a year ago. I would ask the OUIJA Board for the answers but I dont have one cause I think the OUIJA Board is very EVIL!!! *lol* I dont want the same thing happen too me like what happend to Russ @ Supernatural Voices. :)

Chad ~aka~ Big-Daddy-Long-Legs

By George Brady on Thursday, January 15, 2004 - 10:00 pm:

Hi there James and Wendy....
Yes the BGT was hard to sort through all the pictures and the updates are always time consuming to say the least....

Wendy, Please tell Rick for me thank you for standing in certain spots at the tunnel, he was a great magnet for the spirits for sure, they seemed to of liked him without a doubt....hehehehehehe

We hope to meet up with you again soon, we will call you when we return to the tunnel, Cathy and Cindy have been using the Ouaja Board for some time now, Some of the messages we get on the board are amazing.....

How we got the dogs of the tunnel was asking Wayne that comes to the board from time to time, he is known as BM, this is the one we hear at the end of the tunnel from time to time pacing.....

We are going to start keeping a record of what messages we recieve from the board, We have a report to put up on a house investigation we did back in Nov.....
Cathy and Cindy used the board with great results and the owners were more then surprised to see what results came of that night....

James ....

Thank you for your comments on the board about the BGT, it is a lot of work sorting through all the pictures we get and trying to decide what ones will be used , then once that is done we have to number them, and then upload them to our private server that hosts our domain.....

We hope to meet up with you sometime soon:)

We can never get enough of the Blue Ghost Tunnel, there is always something new to discover...

We are now in the process of updating the Hermitage mansion so please keep an eye out for that.......

By James on Thursday, January 15, 2004 - 06:01 pm:

I agree, that's some pretty comprehensive coverage!

By Wendy P on Thursday, January 15, 2004 - 12:44 pm:

HI George and Cathy.

The updated pages for the BGT from Jan.10/04 are fabulous! The pictures are incredible and the info. from the ouija board is amazing and so interesting! Thanks for all your work. I can't wait to show Rick when he gets home.

By Chad ~SKULLY~ on Monday, January 12, 2004 - 08:49 pm:

Hey Wendy...
Thanks... Im glad you like the BGT pics. I guess I'll have to buy somemore bandwidth for the LSP web site so it wont go down again.


By Wendy P on Monday, January 12, 2004 - 05:57 pm:

Hi again, Chad.

Just looked at your BGT pics from 10th and 11th.
They're really interesting! I see skulls or faces in a couple of them.

By Wendy P on Monday, January 12, 2004 - 12:57 pm:

Hi Chad.

I tried to look at your pictures - I can't wait to see them. Unfortunately, your site is temporarily down due to excessive bandwidth use, but I'll try again later on.

By Chad ~SKULLY~ on Monday, January 12, 2004 - 11:02 am:

Hey Wendy...
I just took a look at your BGT pics on your site & they look great. Take a look at some of the pics I took that night. Here is the link Click Here


By Wendy P on Sunday, January 11, 2004 - 07:56 pm:

Hi Chad.

That's a great picture, and it's very intriguing.
It was such an active night. I just hope Rick and I can learn to take the quality of pictures that you, George, Cathy, and Cindy take. We got a few, though, and put them on our website if you want to take a look.

By Chad ~SKULLY~ on Sunday, January 11, 2004 - 10:53 am:

Hey all...
We went to the BGT last night from 9:30/pm til' just after 1:00/am, there was alot of paranormal energy last night. Here is a picture of something I got on film. Jan. 10th 2004.


~ More photos on this site & the LSP site coming soon ~


By Chad ~SKULLY~ on Tuesday, December 30, 2003 - 07:54 pm:

Hey All...
Here is a update for you to take a look at.
Go to the LSP - BGT web page & go near the bottom of the page. There you will see a Ghost Sound EXE File. Click on it & download the file. The voice of the ghost says... "Stay Away"
===[ Click Here To Enter ]===

Wendy P. & Rick P. recorded the ghost file in the middle of the BGT on Dec. 12th 2003.


By Chad ~SKULLY~ on Saturday, December 27, 2003 - 12:15 pm:

Hey to you all here at Hamilton Paranormal.
My Ghost team is going to the Blue Ghost Tunnel tonight 12/27/03 @ 7:00/PM. If anyone would like to join us, then please meet us at the Big Food Court Rest Stop @ 6:30/PM. Jenny D. & Mark W. will also be there tonight. This will be the last ghost outting of the year for us at the BGT so it should be a Blast ! See you all there.

Chad ~SKULLY~ @ Lost Souls Paranormal

By George Brady on Wednesday, December 24, 2003 - 08:37 pm:

Hi there Jenny....

Welcome to the message board, thank you for your kind words:)

You are most welcome to come out with us anytime you wish, It would be a pleasure to meet you.

The BGT is a great place to go and we hope you can make it out with us in the New Year, Til then we wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a great new year ahead.....:)

By Vixen_X on Wednesday, December 24, 2003 - 12:34 pm:

hmm.... sounds like Chad has a doppleganger! hehe! Jenny D. "dose" after all sound familiar! Good luck with your endeavours!

By Jenny D. Gothic Girl on Wednesday, December 24, 2003 - 09:38 am:

Hey Everyone this is Jenny D. ( Gothic Girl ) from ~LSP~. I dont go on-line as much as Chad dose but when I do I stay on-line for hours & hours at a time.
Chad has said nothing but good things about Cathy & George Brady's "HP" web site & then people who go on the ghost outtings. I just took a look at the site and it looks awsome. I love the pictures you all took at the Blue Ghost Tunnel. One day I'll have to join you all in the New Year. Untill then have a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year.

By Cathy Brady on Tuesday, December 23, 2003 - 08:59 am:

aaaaaw but Chad....hehehe You don't wanna be a "photo op"?? But seriously we are glad that you made it home safely. It just wouldn't be the same without you. :)

By Chad ~SKULLY~ on Monday, December 22, 2003 - 09:12 pm:

Thanks Cathy...
Its nice to know that someone on here is glad that I made it safely home from Ottawa to Burlington, I would hate to see you guys & gouls doing an investigation on my ghostly death. ~lol~


By Cathy Brady on Monday, December 22, 2003 - 05:44 am:

Welcome back Chad! Glad to see you made it safely home again. :) As for pics, that's cool. We will be adding more to our site as well over the holidays. We have so many that we're still getting rid of a bunch more. Only takin the very best pics to put on the site.

By Chad ~SKULLY~ on Monday, December 22, 2003 - 12:47 am:

Hey Everyone...
Im home now, back in Burlington.
Its now 2:48/am Monday Morning. :)
It was a very long 8/days in Ottawa but alot of fun. I'll be posting some pics on the ~LSP~ site sometime soon but not until after Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone. :)