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By Cathy Brady on Saturday, November 06, 2004 - 09:04 am:

Animals have such pure emotions and some really wonderful traits that we as humans would do well to emulate.

Tia I especially liked that page url you sent me with the descriptions of the animal totem meanings. I can identify with several animals that have appeared in my life.

For instance, the wolf has a strong sense of family, loyalty, and a strong will to protect. Much the same could be said for the dog. Both of which I hold very dear to my heart. Especially these last 7 1/2 years.

There are other animals of course, but those are the two strongest in my life at the moment. :)

By NovRaine on Friday, November 05, 2004 - 03:20 pm:

hiya....ah, tia, tia, tia.
...i'm telling you ...oh, first,heehee...thanks for liking to hear me ramble :)...i'm telling you, if i were to tell you how my boyfriend and i met etc, etc. etc.'d think i was lying because it is so close to your experience. he's sitting right here with me, as i read your response outloud and i was laughing, he was grinning and shaking his head :) history DID repeat itself....'cos i probably met mine long before you met yours (so your history was a repeat of mine! LOL)
...k. i divorced,went to a totally new city with two kids to start over.
...took a 2yr. fine arts college course in my twenties.
..was single for almost four years...went to my friends place in brampton for a holiday in the summer...arranged a "blind" date with her fiances cousin for sept.
...did that on a fri. was soooooo bad. heehee. night, my guy showed up at her house, would not leave unless i went out with him...(i was looking forward to having the house to myself!) i finally said "yes" to get him to leave me alone.
...he took me home two days later...and we've been together 14 yrs.
..our friends, also drove bikes...we carted their stuff in our truck to "ride for sights", etc. and he rode dirt bikes. :)
..heehee...too funny.

By Tia on Friday, November 05, 2004 - 10:36 am:

Gosh NovRaine that is incredible! Don't shut up!!! I love hearing about what you have learned, experienced, and especially your "two cents"! I feel very nomadic, lol does that word exsist, I have people I know, but other than my husband no close friends I "hang" out with. I never have. It's almost as though I just travel from place to place. I like it, I like meeting new people. For the past nine years I have lived in the same house. There has been no urge to move or relocate. Before that from birth it was every two to three years. In fact my husband has been around the longest! I feel as though he is my soul mate. I would trust my life in his hands. From the first meeting we never parted. I wouldn't say love at first sight. But it was just right. I felt like we knew eachother. I was 27 before I met him. And even that meeting was by chance. I had chosen to go back to college, met his sister in a night school elective and she invited me out because I liked motorbikes. The four of us went out and history was made. (I almost wrote history repeated itself, I may want to remember that :) )

By NovRaine on Friday, November 05, 2004 - 06:22 am:

hiya tia:
..well, i'll tell ya..i have a thing about names: i get constant repetitive names coming into my life. some are for lessons (if i had a negative experience with someone of one name...i'll get someone positive in my life with the same teaches me to release and not hold on to any negativity. not an easy lesson ).
..also, a friend i'd known for about 25yrs. and i began our "spiritual" journey together and began meditating. a lot of synchronisity in our lives (coincidences don't exist for me!)..our lives would parallel even when we lived distances away or hadn't seen each other in 7 years! when i ended up in the same small town as her and her family (and we began med.)..things began going nuts, happening daily so our better halfs would just shake their heads in disbelief! too funny.
...anyway...i always knew that my family last name, was not our original..that it had been changed in Finland..and my dad had mentioned what it was when i was a kid.
..this friend has paternal Native roots, she's second generation, it's only her parents that are mixed...her grandfather was a Native guide/tracker. her family name had also been changed, as Native peoples were frowned upon, so many of them in the census etc. did not admit to being of Native origin. her name was changed to a french version. parents both passed. i moved here. the second year i was here i received a booklet from my fathers' cousin on our family history. the first pages explained how the Finnish got their last names. it told about my family original name. i have taken it for my art purposes...and because it "fits" me much better than my family name, my ex-married name or the name of the man i'm with! heehee...turns Finnish the same original of my friends: we are both "Rivers" :) or literally: The River. :) blew us away, i'll tell ya.

...funny thing is, i also have a sister named friends grandpa or greatgrandpa's name was: Sandy Rivers.

...see? funny and this stuff falls in my lap, i don't go stretching things trying to shove pieces together, heehee. very cool. i was told once, that our first names, and our last names are clues to why we are here. to study them as deeply as we can. :) i completely understand your position right now...names are more full of clues and important than some of us might realize! :) good luck.
love, light and laughter.
...oh...a footnote: i've been tracing my maternal family for 6 years now (my mom didn't know her family at all, she was a foster child at age 4)...i have traced one branch to the 1500's! one of the men there, moved from england to the US in 1855 or so...he lived with the Sioux indians for 4 years...then ended up in the Confederate Army. i just recently this year found that could anyone, i wondered, end up a friend of the Sioux in those days?? i can't imagine it was easy to befriend them let alone live with them...the whitemen were already beginning to cheat them etc. it blew me away! wow. and 3 or 4 years earlier is when i'd had these "native" meditations! :) i'm telling just keeps getting funnier...i laugh a lot more than i used to :)
...ok...i'll shut up now :)

By Tia on Thursday, November 04, 2004 - 09:56 am:

Great point NovRaine, when asked what religion I am, I always say I believe in God. God as in the higher being, my creator. Here's a good one. My last name is a common name on the reserve but I am not native nor do I have any native relatives. Hmmm, have to think about that one. Things are starting to come together....

By NovRaine on Thursday, November 04, 2004 - 05:31 am:

hiya Chris and Tia:
...that's wonderful tia! :) we have blackfoot (planes Natives) in our family history (my mom's gran)..and i've always felt an affinity for Native beliefs etc. a very spiritual friend of mine has been spending a lot of time on the reservation studying with an elder/doing sweat lodges and partakes in any event that enhances growth and communication between peoples. it's been really enlightening for her.

...Chris, i do the same thing and believe that if you take a little of this, and a little of that from each religion, you'd come up with just the right recipe! :) heehee. i grew up in lutheran, first marriage was anglican, and my kids were baptized united! LOL now, i don't partake in any particular ceremony, although i believe that if it is something someone needs to find comfort, answers or simply a social grouping that fulfills their life, that's fantastic!! but i have studied others, had many friends of various nationalities etc. and have asked lots of questions about what does that mean? etc.

..i find it facinating! some of the more eastern religions are soooo intune with their spiritual obligation to others/the earth that i connect with that. i also had a series of Native meditations for about 3 or 4 months about five years ago, which were enlightening and affected my soul deeply: so much made sense in this life, afterwards, and made me look at things...even a ROCK differently. it really connected me to the earth in ways i could never explain fully.

..the most incredible (sorry this is long!) thing that happened in one (i meditated with one other person every week)..was that an elder/chief gave me my native name when i asked for it. online, i had chatted in a "psychic" room with a bunch of regulars and there were some Native people so i went online to look for one i knew and asked her if the word meant anything. she said in her tongue, it meant 'palatte in the desert, or paint in the desert" (i'm an artist, but she didn't know that)...then, at the same time, Sting's song "Desert Rose" came out and would play every time i walked into a room. :)
...the other thing about this one med. was that i'd asked this elder what my path in life was and as he spoke, i also saw a third-eye image of a beautiful, colorful rose on a sand dune, growing INTO the wind that was whipping up sand. at once i knew it was "adversity" :( dam! i was hoping for something ELSE, heehee., in a couple of ways, the information i got was confirmed elsewhere...which was for my growth...and, my life has always had challenges and i don't go along with everyone else and don't go the "easy" route, heehee. two centsworth! :)
love, light and laughter!

By Tia on Thursday, November 04, 2004 - 03:43 am:

Chris the site is very interesting. I grew up with cats, lost cats found there way to my house yearly, and still do. I was mauled by a dog and still have a fear of them even though I grew up with dogs and recently raccoons have become a focus for me. When in college I was the lucky one chosen to do a part of my course on the Six Nations. I was entranced listening to the beliefs. I have always been drawn to drum beats so of course I joined in the dance with anticipation. NovRaine, this may be one to look up for past life...

By Chris on Wednesday, November 03, 2004 - 06:26 pm:

I enjoy world religions and especially First Nations Spirituality. They are very much tied to the earth and the entire ecosystem. They are very strong believers in ancestors and spirits.

Many of the world religions believe in an after life. Christianity teaches that if we live correctly we will see God. I believe that the spirits that we encounter are those who need to finish something before they can move on.

In the Eastern religions they believe in incarnation. We keep recarnating until we become perfect. They believe that we can become animals or plants or other people. Each time attempting to move to Nirvana.

By NovRaine on Wednesday, November 03, 2004 - 06:18 pm:

interesting site,chris.. thanks! :)

By Chris on Wednesday, November 03, 2004 - 02:41 pm:

Totems: Allies/messengers from any of the Four Worlds of Mother Earth that provide an energy message. The Four Worlds are Plant (south), Mineral (west), Animal (north) and Human (east).

You can read a little more about animal totems and Native Spirituality at this web site.

By Tia on Wednesday, November 03, 2004 - 10:51 am:

Hi everyone. A friend sent me an url on the meanings of animal totems. Since I don't know much about them I thought I would put out the question. I am able to identify with different animals showing up more in a persons life than at other times. And a feeling of being drawn more to an animal. But like I said, I don't really understand or have much knowledge on the subject.