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By Tia on Wednesday, December 07, 2005 - 02:10 pm:

Here I am almost a year later with a new road being followed. I completed my level 2 but I don't feel ready to complete my Master/teacher yet. John, who is my master/teacher understood. He said I would know when the time is right. However, a new road has appeared that I will be travelling down in January. I, by chance, came across two drums which I purchased. The previous owner also led me to a mediumship course locally being held and very affordable for me. It all is falling into place just like the reiki. This is an absolutely new direction for me as I've never purposefully taken a course such as this. Any advice, feelings.

By NovRaine on Friday, February 18, 2005 - 10:54 pm:

heehee...that's so nice tia!! :)
..i know exactly what you're saying and understand you wanting to explain that you haven't any ego!...i'm the same (although i'm soooooo by no means unerring!! LOL)...but, yes i know :)
..that is a key! :) ego creates havoc and gets in the way of growth and learning! without it...our gratefulness allows gifts to come forward and although it may seem easy to some people or unfair...everyone has those same opportunities! but they have to find their way...and it is so simple that it's frustrating watching someone else struggle with "it all" :)...but, as you know, we all have our own paths to follow and things to come in their own time. we have to sit back and say a little prayer for them :)
...saying thank you for everything that comes heals us, just as much as rippling out there and passing on loving energies. and yes....everything happens for a reason! there are not mistakes. there are no "bad" things...only lessons. good for you!!!! :) and i'm so glad you feel comfortable talking to me :) i get great energy from you! :)
...take care.

By Tia on Friday, February 18, 2005 - 02:44 pm:

That is incredible. Sometimes I think I don't stop long enough to smell the roses :) so to speak. Or maybe I should say pay attention to what is going on around me. Everything just seems to fall in my lap. I almost feel spoiled. I don't have to try too hard, which isn't fair alot of the time to those around me. (trust me I have no ego, I'm at the other end of the spectrum) I've always "counted my blessings" and been very thankful for the guidance I receive. I've come to believe that the people, places, animals, etc all occurs in our lives for reasons. I'm typically quiet with new people but sometimes I just feel really comfortable and could open up like a damn and gush forth, just like with you and Cathy.(For blushing purposes, George and Cathy you're not allowed to read the rest. :) ) She is so nice. I felt comfortable with her right off the bat. George is a hoot, they make such a beautiful couple.

By NovRaine on Friday, February 18, 2005 - 12:17 pm:

hiya tia!'s soooooooo great! i'm so happy for you! and hope what i wrote made some seems to have a bit, that's good :) sometimes, it's just a matter of someone else's perspective to help us get clarity or "remember" heehee!! wonderful.
..yes, the crows! the same thing happened to me about four years ago and lasted two years...almost three. last summer was the first they didn't show up.
..i had a great dog i named "hawkeye"..hawk, because i have a native attachment and am from the hawk/eagle family..and "eye" because i wanted him to be my "spiritual" out for me.
..he and i would go out different times every morning and sit while i drank my coffee..6am, 7:30am...whatever, different every morning. a crow began showing up just after we sat down to scream at me from a hydro pole at the end of our driveway! first couple of mornings i didn't pay much attention...then it happened every day! i knew it was the same one and it would look right at me.
...then i got a job...then another...almost a yr. and a half into the first job and a couple of months into the other...crows began showing up there when i'd go outside for lunch! there might be four flying around...but only one would remain and scream at was getting so silly, i was almost embarassed! and laughing because it was just tooo bizarre! the one crow continued to meet me at home too.
...then..a friend and i had our tea leaves read just for fun. when it was my turn..the guy says "is there anyone who you'd lovingly call 'an old crow' ??" ...i nearly fell off my chair! heehee. ..nobody i knew, but definately understood the crow connection! he saw a crow on a high branch, piece of wood! (ha ha)...explained to me that crows have a foot in both worlds (the same way i felt)..he also mentioned an elephant...i collect them and they are my totem.

...about four years old, i had to put him down due to multiple siezures from epilepsy (something my maternal grandmother died of, who i never met but have always felt a connection to)...
..since then...everytime i'm out for a drive with the hubby, states, just around here whatever...i see at least two hawks: sitting high in a tree or fly just ahead of us.
..on a nerve-wracking 16-day trip we took to the states in dec. 2003, (utah mountains, oregon mountains, vancouver mountains, wyoming blizzard)....he was driving long-haul at the time so we were in the truck...i was a basket case by the time we were ready to head home (on a utah mountain/bridge..a small car crashed infront of us with a pregnant woman in it!...everyone was o.k. but you can imagine!)...allll the way home (asking for help to get us safely back, i was)...hawks were EVERYWHERE!..always a few miles ahead and all through different states and in ont. when we got back. hawkeyes turned out to be very fitting! i know the dog sends them to let me know it'll be o.k. :) it's a wonderful gift, for sure.
..sorry...long story :)
love, light and laughter!

By Tia on Thursday, February 17, 2005 - 08:54 am:

I forgot two, my dad passed away on the third and my son was born on the third. I have never noticed how many times three has been a part of my life and the connection it has to the people close to me.

By Tia on Wednesday, February 16, 2005 - 10:05 am:

NovRaine, wow!!!!! Ok, where do I start. Birds. I love to watch them, listen to them, help them...there is just this beautiful feeling inside I get when I watch them. Looking into their eyes it's almost as though you know what they are thinking but it's hard to put into words. It's the same with all animals when I look in their eyes but birds have a fragile quality about them. Four years back I had crows cawing at me, especially at lunch. They would lite on my mom's roof next door and caw in my kitchen window, "we're hungry" :) My favourite "Droopy" had just that, a droopy wing. They stopped coming around when a new road was made. I wonder if their home was destroyed in one of the trees that was cut down.
Three..... I am third born in my family, I was born in the third month, my husband has a three in his birthdate, I took martial arts, is that what you mean. I will have to go over my logs and see where else the number three has come up. I never noticed that before. I know three has importance in Reiki also. When I started the Reiki I told my brother there are two more things I have to do, I don't know what they are yet just that there is two more things to do. I just finished a level one crystal healing. One more to add to the Reiki and Crystal. Again as you said three. It was amazing how fast I "retained" what I was taught. At the Reiki one lady told me that no, I just remembered what I forgot. Right down to the stones, their names, properties and placement on the body. I didn't tell anyone my experience at the crystal healing course. When I gave my husband a treatment he went right out the minute I touched his crown. Normally he falls asleep when I reach his throat chakra. My son had the same experience as myself. He went into a vortex. He said he loved the spinning feeling from the stone on his forehead. He said it felt cold and went right through him. He bacame very giddy and happy. Totally different from his response to a Reiki treatment. Both of them look forward to their treatments. Jim calls it hooby dooby, but he keeps coming back for more. :)

By NovRaine on Wednesday, February 16, 2005 - 09:08 am:

...ok. birds overall, are related to "renewal" and also relate to our home life/children. sometimes small birds (our children) appear in a way that comes from us not being sure if we have done the right things for them...worry about how they are doing.
..once again..i would ask you to sit quietly and think about what birds or sparrows in particular mean to you...what are your first instincts? how do they make you feel?

..spiritually, they are about renewal, healing, soaring to new hights etc. i still believe that seeing the ill birds is about your desire to heal..and they gather to you for that reason. don't give up and believe in yourself/ will be renewed as you will renew others :)

..very much the same with the dogs/cats...cats are our reminders of the spirit world..the connection: reiki is about spiritual healing as much as about the physical work you'll do. keep grounded...thank the spirit guides etc. who are helping you along your path...don't forget that all we get, we get from a higher plane and are entrusted with our abilities...mostly our ability to acknowlege the spirit world! and that our strength and guidance comes from there. (no ego! :) )

...also, i noticed that you have a repeated "3" : "two adults (dogs) one puppy and three cats." ..three is a strong number and i'd ask you if it has been prevalent in your life before?? when things like this come in life or dreams or astral journeys...there are little things like the number of animals, that can be the more important, once again pay attention :)

...birds are about transporting, looking down on the "bigger picture", renewal, family, protection and the spirit world. strength, ability and freedom.

..again, the bird in the bag: initially i believe it's what i'd mentioned: don't give up could also symbolize are shedding the life or behavior you've known (naked bird) and leaving that "self", you are moving into another path/'re being will emerge different (watch for butterfly's too!).

..i also truly believe, that what we need comes to us..therefore, the birds who are speaking to you of your spiritual connection and healing energy are getting your attention. always, remember to say "thank you" you acknowledge messages/symbols..they will slowly fade as you move on to other levels of spirituality.

...i hope this helps somewhat :), light and laughter!

By NovRaine on Sunday, February 13, 2005 - 01:26 pm:

..Tiaaaaaa (((((hugs))))) WOW!! i am sooooooo happy for you!!!!! eeeeeeeeee! heehee...i've been wondering and wondering and waiting to hear how it was going for you!!

..ok..keep in mind, i always tell everyone to TRUST THEMSELVES..because you are the best interpreter of your "symbols" and messages than anyone else! (we're only human and i can be wrong at any time! so..keep that in mind) other words: trust yourself, don't depend on me! (i want everyone to always learn to be confident in what they interpret :)!!)

..ok, i'm not going to go into the whole thing right now..i want to re-read it and absorb it when it's a little less hectic in my house (we are just on our way out for a bit!)...but i will mention a couple of things that were my "first instincts" as i read:

...lately, birds have been prevalent around people...sparrows in particular..they do bring messages, so it's important not to disregard them :) ...i had crows for about 4yrs. hanging around and squawking at me...didn't matter where i was! crows have a foot in both worlds..they can travel back and forth....ravens are in one or the other. ...i'm going to think more on the sparrows.

...the sparrow in the bag: right away i got : "Don't give up" ...even when things look unsalvagable, or not worth your time...IT IS! so when things/people look as though they are not worth saving.....take another look at them! things are not always what they seem.

...lost and/or hurt animals will gather to someone who will heal them (in whatever way)...this to me (initially) is a message to let you know that your energy has healing qualities..they come to where they know they will be loved, heard and healed (they could be a symbol for people, because you relate more easily to animals...they are non-confrontational or judgemental: unconditional!)...that's it for now, i've gotta scoot! but i'll think on it :)

...take care! good luck and talk to you soon!

By Tia on Friday, February 11, 2005 - 02:09 pm:

Ok, for those who are more experienced and know more. Your input is being sought after. I have finished my Reiki level two, finished my 21 day cleanse. Here's the really neat part. Sparrows. In my dreams and in my back yard. They cling to the screen door and look in. They've never done this before. My mom and husband both witnessed it so I know I'm not seeing things. Lost dogs (two adult one puppy)and three cats in my dream. Lost animals come to my door alot. Now I'm dreaming about them. The night of my first attunement I dreamed of a tiered garden, bushes and fir trees, slate steps. All around me were sparrows, hurt, missing limbs, wings, etc. I saw a bag that said died throw out and inside was a sparrow, no feathers. I saw it breathing, I opened the bag and the breath it took was enormous, I told someone (couldn't see anyone, I was talking to air) it was alive not to throw it out. When I woke it was as though the breath the bird took I got rid of. NovRaine, I'm counting on you and your knowledge. I am very emotional with animals. Maybe more so than with people. I'm trying to tie all these loose ends and put some meaning to this. I was asked if perhaps the lost animals has something to do with lost souls looking for help. I love the Reiki and so does my son and husband. My husband was so supportive that he bought me a table. Tonight I'm doing a level one crystal. I like this road I'm on I just don't understand it.

By NovRaine on Monday, January 17, 2005 - 07:26 pm:

hiya...Tia!!!! that's great news, i'm sooooo happy for you :) wow...aren't breakthroughs wonderful?? and soooo freeing! yeeeeeaaaah for tia!! heehee.
..and that son of yours....too cool, and yes i think he's already learning :) most excellent.
...keep up the good work and keep us all informed on your progress!

By Tia on Monday, January 17, 2005 - 11:24 am:

NovRaine, the experience was eye opening, enlightening, incredible, unbelievable... I could go on. I've completed level one and go next sat. for level two. There has been a cleansing start. During attunement (for sake of a better word :) )I saw an eye and the color purple as though it was a horizon. It was beautiful. A week ago at the balancing seminar I had a huge emotional bubble burst. I was given a sign to use with my hand to help balance the emotion. It works. On sat everything went wonderful. The emotion was there but did not have the same weight. It was controlled. My son asked me to "do reiki on him" when I got home. I told him I would on the sunday. The next day he kept on following me and asking when. He received a full session and after he went up to his dad and said "you gotta do it I feel reborn" he's only 9. What a kid. I do believe he may be next in line for learning. He kept asking questions.

By NovRaine on Saturday, January 08, 2005 - 10:17 am:

...thanks :) i'm glad i could help in some way!
..again, good luck on your pursuits!

By Tia on Saturday, January 08, 2005 - 08:16 am:

Thanks NovRaine for the conversation and questions. Sometimes there are things you don't think about until someone talks to you about it. And sometimes it takes the opinion of someone else to clear your own mind. You have given me great advice in many areas (as have others, can't forget them) Thanks :)

By NovRaine on Friday, January 07, 2005 - 09:10 pm:

...COOL! :) it's definately worth trying then..especially with the synchronicity involved with how it fits into your schedual :)..excellent!
..and yes..i think you have really atuned instincts about people then..i am like that also, whether it's meeting face-to-face or online sort of thing. :)
...just put your question "out there" and you'll get an answer :) good luck!, light and laughter!

By Tia on Friday, January 07, 2005 - 12:50 pm:

Hey NovRaine,
Yes I have looked into it and do know people who practice it. Next week I'm attending another seminar that deals with reiki and chakra balancing. The reiki program however has fallen into place for me like a domino. The time, cost and day all fits for level one. I haven't signed up for it yet though. I guess a clear answer hasn't hit me yet. I have until a week tomorrow. I've found that the touching goes as far as reading written words. There has been some postings on the message board that I have no desire to approach. Sometimes this gives people the impression that I'm stuck up or a snob. I don't talk alot but if I have something to say look out :) lol I like to watch people alot. Oh well, I guess even if only for the learning experience and like you said maybe something will touch a nerve.

By NovRaine on Friday, January 07, 2005 - 09:45 am:

..well, that may be the energies you're picking up from them!!...your instincts about people, maybe you are reading them? ..which could probably be a good thing where healing is concerned (may heal you too!! heehee)...reiki is a whole learning process and maybe something in the teaching will hit a nerve for you? who knows :) ..have you looked into it at all? found out what exactly would be involved etc?? ...if not, at least do that and you'll know if it's for you or not. trust your instincts :)

By Tia on Thursday, January 06, 2005 - 05:25 pm:

Hey NovRaine,
The touching thing is really weird. Some people I feel compelled to hug right off the bat but others are like the way a magnet will repel. There is something I don't want to touch. There isn't anything to see that puts me off. Perhaps the reiki would even help me with this. Or at least open my eyes to why this is happening. Kind of like a timid animal who really isnt sure of approaching something. That would be a good way to describe it. I'll circle but not get too close. I guess alot of it must come from not understanding everything that's going on yet or maybe too much at once.

By NovRaine on Thursday, January 06, 2005 - 01:16 pm:

hiya...Tia: know what? fear keeps us from learning and experiencing wonderful things! :) and if you don't feel comfortable with touching people, then maybe you have to look to "heal" others in a different way??
...try things on people you're comfortable that girl you babysit or your hubby or kids. see how it goes, maybe you'll find a comfort level :)
...just hold your hand a couple of inches off their arm or something and move it along slowly...see what reaction they get. see if you can feel the hot or cold energy! etc. friend and i used to play around with it...she did it with her kids to see what they felt..and her daughter who was about 7, called it "lanterns" ???? we don't know why, heehee...maybe the warmth=warmth of a light...but who says lanterns anymore?? heehee...she felt the energy even though she was not directly touched. quite interesting :)
...i just have to add...i love music and now and then some wonderfully lesson-filled lyrics come along (thinking of Luther Vandross for one, with "Dance With My Father Again" for instance!)

..this new one, i just LOVE, can't remember the guys name (although he's a cutie and i love the tone of his voice)...some of the lyrics which touched me were:
.."fathers be good to your daughters, they will learn what they live. Daughters become lovers and turn into mothers be good to your daughters too..."
...hope i got them right...just love it, very touching :) thought i'd share!, light and laughter!!!

By Tia on Wednesday, January 05, 2005 - 12:32 pm:

Sometimes I'm afraid to try new things. And at times I'm uncomfortable touching people. Not for any reason that I'm aware of. I just don't want to touch some people. Self doubt.

By NovRaine on Wednesday, January 05, 2005 - 11:43 am:

..tia. i say trust your gut instincts..they are messages from the spiritual :)
..also, take a look at what's "natural" to you, and the people who gravitate towards you...those are always good clues to your path.
...i believe we are all both teacher/students and healers...just various ways of doing that :) some have people who are ill in spirit come to them for advice or heal them by your words and the energy that you extoll.
...some have physically ill people or animals find their way to them...they can heal them hands on.
..some come with questions/ they are "healed" with words and knowledge (student/teacher)...i get that a lot., you have to figure out what areas you may fall into..what you feel in your gut..what feels right because there are various ways in which we all can "heal" the people we encounter :) are right though, health in both body and spirit is important...especially for the "healer" have to be open, compassionate and ego-free or it will interfere with your responsiblities :) ...i've known a few people who have taken up reiki..and feel very positive about it...but it's about the person doing it that is most important because i also know some who should NOT be doing it, LOL.

...there is a strong comforting energy about those people who are reiki's very natural and those who have been around them, feel better just in their presence (good energy) to how people respond to you also..reiki may be your path, or you may be able to heal in another way :)
....good luck!!!

By Tia on Wednesday, January 05, 2005 - 09:37 am:

With the paranormal I feel there are many areas that branch off concerning it. As noted in some of the topics, a healthy body and mind are required to be able to receive any messages from the departed. Not everyone can "see" the other side and not everyone can "hear" but we all have some ability to make use of the help that is being offered by them. I have been considering Reiki as a tool on the basis that I have this extreme need to help people. I just want to help in any way I can. I have often wondered if this is what my calling is because now all of a sudden I have been led in a direction where I have the chance to become involved in this area. Does any one have advice, prior knowledge, an interest. I feel that maybe through Reiki "those" that are poking at me and trying to get through may perhaps this way. My dad was a silent helper. We never knew the kindness and help he extended until he passed away. Then the people that had stories to tell blew us away. I feel like I'm searching for something but it's on the tip of my tongue and I just can't grasp what it is. Any feelings?