Magnetic Hill - Burlington, Ontario


There has been a lot of talk about a hill in Burlington where if you put your car into neutral at the bottom, the car will climb up the hill. There have been stories about a school bus full of kids that had crashed at the willow tree at the top of the hill killing some of the children. Some believe it is the spirits of the children that push your car up the hill.

On August 16th, 1985 The Hamilton Spectator ran an article on the Magnetic Hill in Burlington, Ontario. It appears that the hill in Burlington has a much stronger force than the one in Moncton, NB. Click on the picture below to read how Burlington almost made this into a tourist attraction.

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Another article ran in the Hamilton Spectator on August 16th, 1985 where Mayor Roly Bird rode on a skateboard up the hill. A sign was made by the city to not only show the location of the hill, but to also show how far the pull of the hill could go. Click on the picture to read more on the Magnetic Hill.

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On August 17th, 1985 another article was run by the Hamilton Spectator about the Magnetic Hill in Burlington. A major land owner that owns the land beside the hill, Ted Sherman, was entertaining the thought and suggestion to make this area a tourist attraction like the one over in Moncton, NB. Click on the image below to read the article.

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Our investigation

The hill is located on King Road about a mile up from the north service road. King Road used to be called Dump Road by the residents because the Burlington Landfill site used to be in that area. When the dump closed in 1988 the loftier official name of King Road returned to common use.

We went out to check this hill on October 27, 2002. We shut the engine down and put our car into neutral and indeed the car went up the hill and stopped by the willow tree at the top.

We also tried with the car facing the opposite direction, shutting down the engine again, and sure enough the car went up the hill (backwards) to the willow tree.

This was a real interesting experience for us and we are sure those that have tried this before also found it fascinating and mystifying.

The day we went out to the hill was a cloudy overcast day and it had stopped raining just before we arrived. We took some photos while we were there and you can see the ground was indeed wet.

In this photo you can see the entrance to Bayview Park where rover can have a good run. You can see the entrance to Bayview Park on the left not too far from the top of the hill where the willow tree sits.

This photo was taken by the willow tree looking at the parking lot for Bayview Park.

In this photo, if you venture out to the Magnetic Hill stop by the yellow sign you see on your right with the front end of the car , then shut it down and put your car into neutral and you're on your way for a great experience.

We caught what we believe to be some orbs in our night time shots. We took about 20 pictures and only got orbs in two of the twenty taken.


IS there any cost to try the hill???
NO, this is a public road.....

Total length of the magnetic Hill with car off.....
About 220 meters......

Travel time from the bottom to the top of hill....
about 50 seconds

Is there a lot of homes or businesses....
No this is a rural area.

Is the hill really magnetic or is it an optical illusion?

You be the judge!!!

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