Adventures In Plasticland on FM 98.5, CKWR, and live on the internet, Saturday 11:59 pm to Sunday 3am. Playing elevator music for the ELEVATED mind.

Music......the universal language

Spaceman Stan, your host/tour guide for a 3 hour tour through my personal vault of vinyl, cd, and cassette, of progressive, psychedelic, acid rock, garage, and all points inbetwix. From Aardvark to Zesuszous, Adventures In Plasticland has a portal open for you to feel the vibratory hum, dance on the fragmentary edge, and dive head first into the myoptic void as I disect the coloured fish in your cranium.

Get comfortable, turn down the lights or turn them off (music sounds better in the dark), keep your eargoggles at the ready, because you'll want to catch every drop.

(519)886-9878 or toll free 1-800-757-1050 to call in and be counted, or e-mail

Check in, and check out with a wide grin smattered across your face.

Peel back the petals of your mind and let Adventures In Plasticland wash, fold and manipulate your grey matter with the vibratory hum. A 3 hour 3 dimensional trip as you see the music, hear the colour and taste the sound as it is ingrained into your aural sculpture with Spaceman Stan, the sonic surgeon, the cosmic courier, and the lord of the last chord reverberating.

Send submissions for airplay, cards, letters, want's and money to:

Stan Hilborn, 19 Norfolk Avenue, Cambridge, N1R 3T5, Ontario, Canada.

Disclaimer: The music and views shared via Adventures In Plasticland in no way represent the rest of FM 98.5

soooooooo.....come in, come in, the trip is about to begin (seat belts optional). Hold on to your mind and count every brain cell, as there WILL be a quiz after the show.

(adventures in plasticland is in no way responsible for loss of brain cells or articles broken by air guitaring etc).

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