What is a Vortex (AKA Funnel Ghost)????

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Some folks have captured a vortex, or what is sometimes called a Funnel Ghost, on film. The Vortex is definitely a mysterious, strange phenomena to see on film. These types of mysterious Funnel Ghosts can range in size and are believed to be a transport of other spirits such as ORBS from the spirit realm to our realm.

They usually take on the form of a swirling funnel shape when moving about and can appear like a mini tornado. This type of phenomena have been caught on film, sometimes looking like a long narrow swirling mist with a tread like appearance within its body.

There has been much speculation to this type of phenomena from a visiting relative, to being a transport for orbs from the spirit realm to ours. In any case, these mysterious vortexes are a sight to see on film.

It is also said if a vortex is around you, you will feel it, for it creates a cold spot in the area where it may be.

The Vortex or Funnel Ghosts are captured mostly inside homes or old building, as well as historical sites and museums. They have also been caught outside but this is very rare ...

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