Devil's Punchbowl
Our Experiences:

Here is a view of the cross during the day from the creek bed at the bottom of the gorge.

A view from the edge of the waterfall cliff, looking out into the gorge of Devils Punch Bowl.

As night was approaching we could from, time to time, feel a spider web sensation even when we were standing still. This is a view from Ridge Road looking down at the dry creek bed that leads over the edge into Devil's Punch Bowl.

In this photo it was dusk overlooking the gorge of Devil's Punch Bowl. What a beautiful night to spend overlooking the city. No wind, no clouds, and no rain to spoil the view. The reddish tint you see was created by the glare of the sunset, so no paranormal activity there.

Here is a breathtaking shot from the cross at Devil's Punch Bowl, overlooking the city, just as the sun was setting...

We left the tunnel and after following the trail towards the gorge. We learned that there was a smaller waterfall on the way. In this photo notice the drop made through the passage of time. The trail is very narrow in places and could be dangerous if it were wet. So it should only be taken when the trail is dry. At this point we were about halfway to the Devil's Punchbowl.

We all made it safely to the top of the first little gorge and I had to take a picture of the rock that someone had spray painted as a skull smiling. You can see this from the lookout where the cross is located.

We left the lower gorge and made our way towards the Devil's Punchbowl basin and as we approached we were in AWE. All of a sudden we realized how small we were in comparison to the basin of the Devil's Punchbowl. It was a site to see, one you had to see in person to realize how massive it is.

This picture shows the rocky creek bed running down from the dried up water fall from the top of Devil's Punchbowl. Cathy at this point was tired after the hike back to the basin.

Daniel and Matthew were looking up at the water fall drop. When you are at the base of the drop it really makes you think how small you are in this basin. While we were in the basin there were mini rock slides from time to time coming from the south wall. Many times we ran for cover whenever we heard the rock slides.

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August 9/2004

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