Devil's Punchbowl
Our Experiences:

August 9, 2003
Pics Taken: 235
Pics Used: 3
Investigation Length: 2 hrs

On August 9th at 8:30pm we had set up another Hamilton Paranormal meeting at the Tim Hortons at #20 HWY and Mud St. for a paranormal investigation at Devils Punchbowl in Stoney Creek.

Participants that came along are as follows, Thadeus, Jeff, Alex, Carrie, Tanya, Terry, Lorne, Glen, Myself, Cathy and Matthew.

Once we arrived at the trail for the punchbowl we had stopped by the rail tunnel to take some photos where a young man had hung himself. After that we started on the trail that goes to the Devil Punchbowl Basin.

Once we made it to the punchbowl basin we had waited a bit before taking pictures. When you arrive at the basin it leaves one in AWE to how big this place is. With the massive walls of the gorge it gives off an eerie effect of something around. In this photo I had managed to get some ecto mist near the north wall of the gorge.

After taking about 10 more pics of the area, one of the group members had told someone to take a picture near the north wall for he had seen something near the wall. I had taken this photo of what appears as a skull with a lot of energy to it, followed by an energy trail. The punchbowl indeed has activity in the gorge.

We all stood around talking for a bit when all of a sudden I felt a drastic drop in temperature near me so I clicked this shot. I was amazed at what I captured.

Devil's Punchbowl History & Legend
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August 9/2003
August 9/2004

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