Devil's Punchbowl
Our Experiences:

August 9, 2004
Pics Taken: 324
Pics Used: 6
Investigation Length: 1.5 hrs

We had a big meet once again up at the Tim Hortons and decided to go to the Battle Field Park in Stoney Creek, then from there we went to the Devils Punch Bowl. It was an adventure trying to make sure everyone could navagate the trail that leads to the basin of the bowl. The creek was running high with water but everyone made it to the basin. Once inside the basin everyone realized how big the gorge was and how small they felt in comparison. Some folks got some amazing photos and we are sure this was an experience that everyone had enjoyed except for the hiking back.

There was some ecto mist to the right of me and it had given off a spider web effect across the arms and face when this picture was taken.

Nothing paranormal about this pic, just Lisa and her friend trying to keep close to one another so the spirits could not get at them.

A picture of the group looking high up in the basin, feeling a little uneasy to the surroundings. But, unnoticed, the group had a few spirits coming around to see what everyone was up to.

This energy form made its presence known by coming down close to the group.

Two good bright ORBS along with some ecto mist was present during our visit to the basin of the Devils Punch Bowl. The ORBS were very bright with energy.

Another energy form in ecto mist just ahead of me, before we decided to leave.

This night proved to be interesting and everyone in the group enjoyed their visit to the bowl without a doubt. If you decide to take this adventure yourself, always have someone with you, for the trails back to the basin can be a little dangerous. Have a good flashlight and good hiking footware if you decide to go. If you have never been to the basin at Devils Punch Bowl it is a breath taking experience. Try it during the day, and then go at night. This way you will be used to the terrain.

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August 9/2004

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