Hamilton Paranormal
3rd Annual Potluck Christmas Party

Everyone at this table seemed to be having a good time:)

Well here I am, the last to finish eating. I did have some folks tell me I talk too much, and for me to eat my dinner before it got cold. Thing is, by the time this picture was taken it was already cold....:)

It seems Bob was so excited he was talking with his hands as he was describing something to me.

Emma, Tia and Jim talk amongst themselves while Chris is nearly falling asleep waiting for the door prize give aways to begin.

Cindy had the rapt attention of everyone at her table while relating her story to the group.

Dan and Kathy sat at the end of the table chatting while everyone waited for me to finish my dinner so we could get started with the door prize draws.

Some folks this night found a stair case that lead downstairs at the station and told me later that it was a little spooky. Everyone had a good time at the party and the haunted bingo game we held was a thrill. Thank you to the folks that attended this night for if it were not for you coming out, there would have been no party...

It was nice talking with a lot of you this night with an interest in the paranormal and we hope to see you out at our Easter Pot Luck Dinner this coming year.

We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Great New Year!!!!!!

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