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Betty Boop

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Welcome to our Death Section

These pictures would be a one of a kind print to own and they are sure to raise a couple of eyebrows:)

The pictures made in this section have an awe about them and yet most folks that have seen these pictures ask how much? There seems to be a morbid sense, if you will, to own one of these fine hand crafted pictures.

Please enjoy your visit while viewing what we have to offer in our crypt......

"The Thinking Grim Reaper"
Signed and Dated by Myself

It appears as though the Grim Reaper is deep in thought sitting in a graveyard. Maybe wondering where to go next , or who is next to take a flight with him? This picture is mounted on a 4" X 6" frame with a graveyard scene as the backdrop. This would be a great conversation piece to own.

Cost $25.00

"Rider of the Storm"
Signed and Dated by Myself

The picture sits in an 8" X 10" black frame with a black matte to compliment the picture. Yes I know, like this dude needs a compliment :) The rider of the storm is going over a city below on a moonlit night wielding a sword on a ghost horse. Yes I know the horse does not look very well fed, but hey, it is a great looking picture. This will sure raise a couple of eyebrows, but imagine the folks that will see it in your home or office and just stand there in awe.

This picture has received great reviews with some folks and I am often asked how much for this piece of art.

Cost $125.00

Please be sure to check back on more pictures being made in the future if you dare....

If you wish to purchase this fine piece of art please email us at sales@hamiltonparanormal.com

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