Griffin House
Ancaster, Ontario Canada

Now in this photo it shows what looks like a full person forming to the right. There was no one around Alicia at the time this photo was taken. Whoever or whatever this was, in our opinion wanted to show itself to us. Also the person figure seemed to be leaning over looking in the direction of the camera.

We all were just about ready to leave when Alicia wanted to take one final picture looking up the grass trail leading to the Griffin House. This photo shows another strange form taking shape. It appears to be coming from the ground and spreading out.

Cathy had loaned her camera to Cindy for a little while. As Cindy was wandering around she said she felt that someone or something was close to her. She was quite surprised to see what she caught on the camera.

Walking up near the back of the house Cindy took another picture. It looks as though she had a woman bending down towards her when the shot was taken.

After getting a really cold chill near the outhouse Cindy clicked off another picture and got what appears to be ecto mist winding through the trees.

Everyone was nearly ready to leave so Cindy took a few more pictures and got nothing. Then just as she was ready to hand the camera back to Cathy she took one more just to get a picture of her daughter Alicia. Boy wasn't she surprised to find Alicia covered in ecto mist and it seemed she was looking right up into it.

The Griffin House in our opinion is not HAUNTED, but we do believe the area around this homestead has a lot of paranormal activity to it.The spirits here are trying to show us a story and every picture taken only adds to the many pieces of the puzzle of the paranormal world.

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