Stan trying to strangle hold Brenda for he said he wanted some ecto shots tonight....

Cindy had wanted to celebrate Alicia's birthday at the picnic. Here you see Alicia looking at the cake. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALICIA!!!!!!

As seen in this photo I had a piece of birthday cake in my hand but had no time to eat it. The two folks I was talking to (Steve & Donna I believe) were from Cambridge, Ontario and were very nice folks to talk to.

Some of the folks asking us when we were going to conduct an investigation.

This picnic was a huge success and the folks that came out were great people to meet and talk to. Everyone had a great time at the picnic. We had a great time talking about the paranormal and having some fun at the same time. Again a BIG THANK YOU to everyone that made this a event one to remember for a long time to come.....:)

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