Test#1 The Regular Photo

This is a picture of fog with alot of moisture that looks like a bunch of ORBS within the mist. Fog represents itself the same way as what cigarette smoke may appear, except that fog can be transparent such as this photo..... Fog shows no defined lines or shapes within the mist. Breath has the same result as fog on a cold winters night.

Test#2 The Negative

In this test you can see that the fog shows as a big brown blob with no defined lines or shapes within it. Breath on a cold day has the same effect.You can still see the ORB effect in the negative that is really just moisture....

Test#3 The Posterize

In this test you can see the main body of the fog showing as a huge white blob with no defined lines or shape within the fog. On the outer side of the fog it shows a dark blue side border while the outer edge from that shows a light blue border with no defined lines or shapes. Fog is similar to cigarette smoke in this test showing only the dark blue and light blue edges and the main body of both showing as a white blob. The colors you see at the bottom of the picture would be the ground......

Is It Fog ?

Test#1 The Regular Photo

In this test I named it " Is it fog?" We know that it is not fog by a long shot. We have had some folks tell us it is only fog. If it were fog you would see the moisture within the misty form that was captured on camera. This is an energy form with faint vibrant colors complete with defined lines and shapes within the mist (AKA as ecto mist). Fog or cigarette smoke will not give this effect as shown in the other tests we have done.

Test#2 The Negative

In this test of the negative you can still make out the defined lines and shapes within the form. Also there is energy present around the form showing in vibrant faint colors of purples and greens. The main portion of the energy form is transparent, unlike smoke or fog as shown in above examples.

Test#3 The Posterize

In this test you can see the many colors of energy within this paranormal form, of purples, blues, light blues, greens, red and yellow unlike that of cigarette smoke or fog. The big portion of white you see is the center point of the energy of the entity.

These are just a few examples as to the many different ways we conduct our testing of pictures we put up on our site.
Did we make you a believer?
Did we prove beyond a doubt that spirits do live among us?
Did we prove that each of our pictures on our site are the real deal?
Will these tests stop the skeptic from coming to our site and bash our findings?

The answer to all of the above is NO, probably not. We do know that some folks will find this interesting , while others will think otherwise. This is what makes the world go round, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

We have conducted many investigations into the paranormal by going out each weekend and taking groups of folks out with us. We have had many skeptical folks out with us on many occasions. Some will start to believe there may be a spiritual realm. Some may continue to disbelieve that spirits live among us.

Please understand that we have nothing to profit from our investigations or our pictures except to share our experiences and what history we could find on any location we have done.

We plan to be around for a long time to share our findings and experiences with those that want to seek out the world of the paranormal.

Please remember "Life is a Journey, NOT a guided tour!"

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