July 17th/2005
Pics taken 354
Clear Night


The pictures that are shown in this investigation have what we believe to be real paranormal content. This of course is our OPINION ONLY. We do this as a hobby, not as a business. It is up to the individual to decide for themselves if what we had captured on camera is real or not! All pictures taken were witnessed by those in attendance while they were still on the camera. With that said we hope you, the viewer, enjoy your visit to our site.

On July 17th, 2005 we had taken the trip out to Port Colbourne to investigate Hopkins Tomb. We got there when it was just reaching dusk . We were amazed as to the size of the lot the tomb sits on which was surrounded by a waist high cut stone fence. All of that property for one tomb. The tomb itself had its own way of making itself known and one could get an uneasy feeling. As darkness closed in, the area gave one a chill for no reason at all. During our investigation we did not hear anything coming from the tomb. At one point while we were taking pictures within the tomb grounds we heard a low pitch growl come from the front of the tomb. When we heard this growl we all stopped what we were doing to listen more closely but the growl never repeated again that night. Some cars had stopped to look at the tomb when we were there. I approached one car that did stop and asked if they lived in the area. The young lady in the car had said that her husband and herself come by the tomb to see if they can hear anything. The couple have heard countless stories about the tomb.We had spoken to a resident that lived across the street and the lady we spoke to did not seem like she wanted to give much information and just brushed us off by saying with all the time she lived in the area she had seen nothing then she hurried back into the house. Below you will see some of the photos we managed to get of the tomb and just a little activity that surrounds it. Although we took many pictures we did not walk away with all that much. But the experience to investigate the tomb first hand was not a wasted trip for us. We will plan another investigation of the tomb in the future.

In the above photo you can see that there was in fact a fully energized ORB on the left side of the tomb.

In this photo two large orbs hover at the top of the tomb.

At the time this photo was taken was just before we heard the growl come from the front entrance of the tomb. Some ecto plasm was starting to form at the back of the tomb as indicated in this photo.

In the distance you can see Cathy waiting to see if whatever made the growling noise from the tomb would start up again. Again a trace of some faint ecto plasm shows at the back of the tomb.

Another photo of a fully energized ORB that made its presence known on the left side of the tomb again.

Just before leaving I took some more photos of the area around the tomb and managed to capture this ORB in motion.

We were happy with the results we did get on this investigation. We just wish we had come out on the night of the full moon. We will plan another trip when the moon is full and see what else we can get from Hopkins Tomb. The area had an uneasy feeling to it at times. And the growl we heard. Was it that of the dog that guards Mr. Hopkins Tomb?The history of the man known as Samuel Hopkins was an interesting find, and who knows what kind of experience you may come across at this site if you dare to do an investigation. :)

Hopkins History
July 17, 2005

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