Memorial of Don McGillivery
Inksetter Road Bridge
Copetown, Ontario

Donald lived and worked as a seaman in Port Robinson, Thorald Township, which was located in the Welland County in the Niagara Peninsula of Ontario. Port Robinson hardly exists today, but back in it's heyday it was an important crossroad, for it was connected by stagecoach to Buffalo, St. Catharines and Hamilton, that was situated on the Welland Canal. In those days ships that came through the canal had to be pulled by horses. This would end up being a two day affair. Many of the canal workers and crews from the ships would frequent the bars and hotels in Port Robinson.

It was here that Donald had met his wife-to-be, Sarah McKaig, at one of the hotels in Port Robinson. Sarah's occupation was a waitress at her uncle's hotel. Sara got the job for she was the niece of George Jordan that owned the hotel. George Jordan was a land owner as well as a Hotel Owner in Port Robinson. George Jordan died Dec. 27th 1852.

Back in the year of 1853 Donald and Sara applied for their wedding license. In December of 1854 they got married. Shortly after the marriage Sarah left her job at the hotel. About a week passed when Sarah had left working at the hotel a murder took place on the hotels front porch. Testimony of the murder was given by George Jordan's widow (Elizabeth Jordan) that ran the hotel after Sarah had left. The trial became big news and was known as the trial of "William Townsend"

Sara was always worried about Donald being a seaman. She managed to talk him into another occupation. Donald chose to become a worker for the Great Western Railway Company shortly after Sara and Donald had moved to Hamilton, Ontario.

Ironically, Donald was killed on Sept 20th/1870 while working for the Great Western Railway. Donald had worked for the rail company from 1860 until his death in 1870. Donald was known as a labourer and conductor. As the train was approaching Copetown, Donald was on top of the caboose inspecting a broken chimney with his back facing the engine as the train was in motion. As the train went under the old Inksetter Road Bridge in Copetown, Donald came into contact with the bridge, where he died instantly.

The cornors report confirmed the cause of his death. On the death certificate it stated that he was killed by accident by coming into contact with a bridge when on top of a railway train. It further said in the report that he was killed in Copetown, which was betwwen Hamilton and Brantford.

Donald was survived by six sons, Alexander, George Arthur, William John, Donald, Albert Edward and Samuel Duncan.

Does Donald's spirit occupy the area where he had died? Is he looking for a way out? No one can say for sure, but we do know that there is activity to the area...

Another Tale

Inksetter Road Bridge holds a lot of history from days gone by. One story is told about a new train engine that came in from Scotland and as it was passing the bridge the train stalled. While it sat on the track, the tracks started to break up and the train started to sink into a bog very slowly...

The train personnel got help from the farmers in the area where they had brought oxens and horses to try to pull the train out. As the oxens and horses strained to pull the train away from the bog, some had snapped their legs and instead of shooting the poor animal they would lead it to the side of the tracks where there were quick sand holes and they would let them sink into the bog.

Below are pictures taken of the Inksetter Road Bridge area in Copetown , Ontario....

Standing on top of the bridge you see a train coming to go under the bridge to show you, the viewer, on how low this bridge is today.....

As the trains go under the bridge you can see how it was possible for Donald to be struck and killed by the bridge.

Inksetter Road Bridge is on a lonely country road that runs across the ravine in Copetown.

Where you see our car parked is where you can park to go down to the tracks that run underneath the bridge.

In the above photo is where Donalds body would have ended up after he came into contact with the bridge while working on the chimney of the caboose. His body would have made contact and then pushed off of the caboose falling to this area.

The phone pole you see is where most of the paranormal energy is at night.

An easterly view of the tracks that lead under the bridge.....

Also the old bridge that used to be there was made of wood and sat much lower back in 1870. This is the new bridge made of steel which was put in about 25 years ago.

Our investigations to the area

When we first investigated this area we came into a lot of spirit activity and we also had another paranormal group with us called CPR (Canadian Paranormal Research Group) from Toronto and they too had caught things on camera that could not be explained.

We have returned to this area a few times and got a weird feeling to the area. We also encountered shadow people further down the tracks. Some nights we did not get much in the way of photos, and other nights we got a lot. We do find that one can get a lot more activity when it is cool in the evening than when it is hot.

The area itself is a place well worth the effort to explore and to conduct an investigation. We hope that others that are interested into paranormal research will take the time to visit this area and we hope to hear back from those that have visited the area and share with us what they had experienced.

Our first investigation to the area was on June 19th/2004 and we had company from another paranormal reasearch group known as CPR from Toronto. While we were down on the tracks under the bridge there were a lot of cold spots and a strong feeling of being watched. The photos that everyone were getting this night was like hitting a gold mine. The whole area was so active that we had no time just to rest. Below you will see our photos that were taken this night.....

June 19th/2004
Pics taken 834
Clear Night


The pictures that are shown in this investigation have what we believe to be real paranormal content. This of course is our OPINION ONLY. We do this as a hobby, not as a business. It is up to the individual to decide for themselves if what we had captured on camera is real or not! All pictures taken were witnessed by those in attendance while they were still on the camera. With that said we hope you, the viewer, enjoy your visit to our site.

When we had arrived you could almost sense the feeling of not being alone. Little did we know just how active this area was when we had set out to investigate it. We were joined by another paranormal group from Toronto (CPR). They had contacted us on our cell phone wondering where we would be this night.

Once CPR had arrived they joined up with us and were amazed as to the amount of activity to the area. Everyone had an experience in the paranormal this night and we all knew this would be a night to remember for a long time to come.

Standing in the picture is Cathy (left), Cindy (center), Eddie from CPR (right) and they were not alone while a light red ecto mist was forming around them.

June 19/2004 (1)
June 19/2004 (2)
June 19/2004 (3)
June 19/2004 (4)
August 6/2004 (1)
August 6/2004 (2)
October 9/2004 (1)
October 9/2004 (2)
October 9/2004 (3)
October 9/2004 (4)

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