The Legend of The Screaming Tunnel:

The tunnel in question sits near the end of Warner Road, just off the QEW. It is said to be haunted by the ghost of someone that died tragically inside of it. But who is was, or whether anyone in fact had died there has never been confirmed. The tunnel was originally built by the Grand Trunks Railway Company shortly before World War I started. The tunnel was to be part of a train line that would run adjacent to the old Welland Locks. However, the tracks were never laid, and the project was left unfinished when the war started. And after the war, there were no finances to continue with the project. So it was scrapped and forgotten. The Screaming Tunnel is one of the few tunnels that actually got built, but they lead to nowhere because the tracks were never laid. The reputation for the tunnel being a spooky haunted spot was furthered when David Cronenburg used the tunnel in a movie called "The Dead Zone".

One of the more popular legends that abound say that a man was embroiled in a bitter custody dispute during a nasty divorce. And when it was learned that he was to lose custody of his daughter, he went mad. He dragged her to the tunnel beyond his former home, doused her in gasoline and set her on fire. If he couldn't have the daughter, neither would his soon to be ex-wife. The screams echoed from the tunnel walls as she fell to the floor in flames.

Another popular legend has it that the farm house that was supposed to be somewhere behind the tunnel was engulfed in flames. Unable to help her family out of the burning house, and herself covered in flames, the little girl ran for the tunnel and collapsed in the middle. Her screams filling the tunnel as she lay dying.
Part of both legends say that if you stand in the middle of the tunnel after dark and light a match, it will blow out and you'll hear a scream. We tried it. The match didn't blow out, and there was no scream.

Well here we are at the Screaming Tunnel in Niagra Falls. We arrived at approximately 8:00 pm on June 1st, 2002 so we could check out the tunnel and the surrounding area while there was still some daylight left.

After reading so many stories on various websites, we just had to come and check this out for ourselves. The tunnel is located on Warner Road (yes it's a dirt road at that end of it), near the QEW. Warner Road is a dead end street, and it hosts a nice turn around for those that wish to come down and check out the tunnel.

There are stories that the tunnel stinks. And as we approached, the first thing we noticed was the smell. So yes, that part of the stories are true. It really does smell! But of course there is a reason that is easily explained.

But before we get to that, stand in the middle of the tunnel and listen closely. If you are quiet enough you may hear what seems to be someone walking on the loose stones at the far end. Again, there is a simple explanation for it. Just outside the mouth of the tunnel, at the far end, there is a natural underground sulphur spring that bubbles up, giving off that familiar smell.

But look closely and you will also see a whitish grey area that marks the spot where this portion bubbles to the surface. And as it rises, it nudges the stones around it giving you the sounds of the steps on the rocks.

Very near the street side of the tunnel sits a nice new home. And we can't help but wonder what these people think of all the strangers that stop to visit this intriguing old tunnel.

Daniel and Cathy make their way into the tunnel, while I hung back to get a picture of them entering. This way if anything should happen to them I could go and get help.....heheheheheh ONLY KIDDING.......

There was a lot of graffiti on the walls of the tunnel which gives the impression that this is a hot spot for local teenage parties.

Once inside the tunnel Cathy said she was feeling a cold chill and felt we were not alone. I too felt something, but couldn't put my finger on what it was I was feeling. Although nothing really showed up on camera, one can see how the tunnel looks while inside the tunnel. We all walked through the tunnel to the other end, which led us into a hilly wooded area. I turned around and snapped another pic as we exited because we had experienced a few cold spots as we came through.

There on the back side of the tunnel, was a hill with a fairly wide dirt trail leading off into the woods. Was this the path that was chosen for the train rails so long ago?

This shot was taken from the back side of the tunnel, looking out toward Warner Road. (The graffiti has been modified to make it suitable for all ages to view) What an accomplishment in engineering, to be able to make this tunnel through the hillside before us. We had returned to the tunnel at night and came up with nothing to really report.

The tunnel was impressive to say the least , and at night it can give off an eerie effect.

Our Conclusions:

Is there a presence there? Absolutely. But there doesn't seem to be any focused activity to decipher WHO is there, or WHY. Is it really haunted? In our opinion no it is not. But we can say that there is something there of a paranormal nature. We will be back to investigate the area again in the future.....

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November 27/2003

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