The pictures that are shown in this investigation have what we believe to be real paranormal content. This of course is our OPINION ONLY. We do this as a hobby, not as a business. It is up to the individual to decide for themselves if what we had captured on camera is real or not! All pictures taken were witnessed by those in attendance while they were still on the camera. With that said we hope you, the viewer, enjoy your visit to going through this investigation.

Date November 27th/2003
Pics Taken 315
Pics used 8

We returned to the Screaming Tunnel to conduct another investigation to the area.We had a small party of 12 folks that came out with us this night and we all had an experience by hearing things just at the back of the tunnel that could not be explained away easily. It was a clear night for this investigation.

The area at the back of the tunnel had some weird noises that seemed to be not too far from the group. In this photo you can see some vibrant energy near the out laying area by the woods. Some ecto plasm seemed to be just floating between the trees .

About twenty five feet ahead of me there was another strand of energy that I managed to capture of the same type that I had caught on camera about 20 minutes ago as seen in the first photo I had taken.

I had taken a shot just above some of the folks that came out with us and managed to capture some ecto mist that seemed to have a lot of energy to it as indicated by the color within the mist itself.

I found that most of the activity this night seemed to be around the trees at the back of the tunnel. I took many pictures and came up with nothing. About an hour into the investigation I then captured this ecto mist hovering high into the trees at the back of the tunnel. Again one can see the energy to this ecto mist by the colors within the mist.

About 15 minutes later I captured this odd shape ecto mist. It was in a form that reminds me of two racoon heads hovering high above. There was evidence of other activity as seen in the picture. Some of the folks left at this point for some had to go to work the next day.

About 20 minutes after the last picture was taken I heard some strange noises coming from the woods and I took a picture in that direction and came up with more activity of ecto mist that was forming into something.

This ecto mist that was captured on camera had some energy to it. Just what it was going to turn into is anyone's guess.We were down to just a handful of people left on this investigation when I managed to capture this form of energy. It appeared that whatever spirits occupy this area they seem to come a bit closer to those in the area.

About the time when this photo was taken we had spent about 2 1/2 hours investigating this area. Just as we were ready to head out I took this picture towards the back of the tunnel.Two strands of ecto plasm were forming just above the tunnel itself.

Is there activity to the Screaming Tunnel, Yes there is. I have found that the wooded area at the back of the tunnel has the most activity to it at night. As for inside the tunnel itself we did not really get any pictures of a paranormal nature. The area right at the back of the tunnel is the place to take pictures.We will return sometime in the future to further our investigations to this area.

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November 27/2003

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