Another energy form that looks like a person in the middle of the picture, holding out a small dog to the right of the photo.

A strand of energy crossing the camera at the time when this photo was taken.

Cindy managed to capture some strong energy that appeared to focus on my head. The energy was strong and seemed to be a person in flight.

This photo shows some negative energy that was around the entrance of the tunnel.

Some ecto plasm, and just to the left of the center there was a form that was interesting that appeared to be a hooded figure by the beam.

If you look closely to the right side, there is a energy form of a spirit that almost looks like a face looking down towards the floor of the tunnel.

A very strong energy form in blue ecto plasm just to the right of the picture.

We were about to leave when Cindy captured this weird form of energy that appears as if a person was falling backwards by the tunnel's entrance.

It was a great night at the BGT and Stan and his lady love enjoyed it very much. Stan mentioned his adventures to the tunnel on his radio program this past Saturday night for about 30 minutes. His program is called "Adventures In Plasticland" on the CKWR 98.5 FM radio station in Waterloo.

Stan mentions our big meets on air as well as our pot luck get togethers. Stan is a great asset to Hamilton Paranormal and we are glad to have Stan and his lady love (Brenda) come out with us on our investigations.

The BGT holds a lot for the paranormal investigator and we hope others will explore this place and report their findings, to share with others what they experienced.


The pictures that are shown in this investigation have what we believe to be real paranormal content. This of course is our OPINION ONLY. It is up to the individual to decide for themselves if what we had captured on camera is real or not! All pictures taken were witnessed by those in attendance while they were still on the camera. With that said we hope you, the viewer, enjoy your visit to our site.

Date: July 31/2004
Pics Taken: 198
Pics Used: 1

We went out for another investigation at the tunnel this night. When we arrived at the tunnel we bumped into the Ottawa Hauntings Paranormal Group taking video pictures of the tunnel. I ended up talking to Daniel (founder of the group) for some time and it was a pleasure to have met another group that took such an interest in the tunnel. He had his whole family down checking the place out. And to hear of some of his investigations that he has done in Ottawa was very interesting.....

Then the Canadian Paranormal Researcher group (CPR) came down to the tunnel and I ended up talking to them as well. This group has joined us on many of our investigations and it's always a pleasure to exchange information into a field that we all have an interest in.........

The son of Daniel had said that he saw what appeared to be two ghostly legs of a person cross the path that leads to the tunnel. So I took a picture and came up with strands of energy in blue ecto plasm form on the trail about 18 feet away from the camera.

Even though I only got one good picture this night at the BGT I had met two paranormal groups and had a great time exchanging information and treating each others views with respect. Not all paranormal groups are bad and it seems the groups that go out into the field can get along just fine. It was a pleasure to talk to others with the same interests that we have, and this night, even though I did not get much activity caught on camera, was a great night with friends. A big thank you to all that attended this investigation and made it such a success.

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