In this photo it appears that the dog we caught earlier is back. But this time it appears to be running, with its ears flopped up and there is another dog just behind the strong entity of a dog's head in the center. The other dog also appears to be running with its ears flopped up as well, to the left of the photo, running by Steve.

You can see Steve coming out from the one trail and he was not alone.

In this photo you can see Will taking a picture towards Cathy. Little did he know he had a spirit energy forming to his left. The energy form showed up as dark green and a mustard type of energy within the spirit form. The form was taking on the shape of a head as seen in the photo.

This is an amazing photo showing a full apparition of a horse that appears to be in full gallop passing by the tree. The head of the horse is to the left of the photo and the back of the horse is to the center of the photo. The tail you can make out, but it appears very light. This spirit appears to be in front of the tree and it had a lot of vibrant energy to it.

In this photo it appears as a woman with a full dress, standing on the trail, showing in blue ecto plasm form.

As I was walking with Will up the trail from the Old Mill you can see an energy form appearing to the left. This form of energy, after testing the color, was that of reds and yellows. Just what it was forming into is anyone's guess.....

The entity that appears just above Cathy in the photo she took was that of negative energy. This was one spirit that showed itself as not being very happy at all..... Just after the picture was taken Cathy had mentioned about getting a huge headache.

Just to the left of the center of the picture you can see some strands of energy in blue ecto plasm form. If you look closely to the form you will make out a skull's head with strands of hair in a flowing motion.

In this photo you can see negative energy to the right of the photo and positive energy to the left. This is hard to capture on camera. The positive energy on the left near the ground appears to be that of a person forming, as if leaning back coming from the ground.

This night we had a lot of strange things happen. Not only what we captured on camera, but the sounds of animals that made thier presence known to us. The trails down by the old mill are grassy trails, yet you could hear what soundeds like a horse coming down a trail of gravel. Other times you hear a very faint dog's whine right near you. Also there was a lot of movement out there with black shadows that moved both on the trails and around the old mill area. Lower branches of the trees moving with no wind or breeze and yet the top of the trees not moving at all. The feeling of something right near you without any doubt, and the feeling of being watched by unseen forces......

The Morden Mill is a place to experience the paranormal world, for it holds so much mystery to the entire area.

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