In this photo appearing from the left is an energy form coming from the bushes.

In the center of this photo it appears that this ecto form with a lot of energy to it was forming into a dog or other type of animal.

To the right of this photo Cindy managed to capture some strong energy with a lot of vibrant colors to it.

Some ecto plasm was forming in what appears to be a chubby person crossing their arms in front of themselves in blue ecto plasm form.

Two energy forms in red started to form in this photo.

This night most of the activity took place on the trail, with the feeling of being watched once again. One had the sense that you were not alone on the trail, the pond and the barn. We all felt no harm was intended. The area of the old mill and barn has a unique feel to it in many ways.

We are sure to re-visit this place to do further investigations in the future.

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