The pictures that are shown in this investigation have what we believe to be real paranormal content. This of course is our OPINION ONLY. It is up to the individual to decide for themselves if what we had captured on camera is real or not! All pictures taken were witnessed by those in attendance while they were still on the camera. With that said we hope you, the viewer, enjoy your visit to our site.

May 20, 2004
Clear Night

On this investigation there seemed to be whispering going on in the area, yet we knew there were no other persons in the area. We all felt fine till we got onto the trail that leads to the pond and stream. It was the trail this night that we all felt had the most activity.

We pressed forward trying to shake the feeling. We took pictures around the stream and the tree with no success. On our way back however, it turned out that whatever spirits linger here change places. On the trail between the barn and the old mill was where we got most of our pictures this time.

In this photo you can make out a large face of a man in ecto mist form.

More ecto mist appeared near the trees that line the trail.

We all saw some shadows of what appeared to be what is known as shadow people go into the wooded area. The photo I took shortly after shows a large amount of ecto plasm within the tree line near the path.

This ecto mist form shows that of an older gentlemen to the right of the photo.

In the center of the trail you can make out some purple ecto mist forming in three different areas on the path.

Just to the left, three entities appear in the photo. Notice the vibrant color and energy in the ecto mist that was forming.

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