Strands of energy showing by the tree. Just before this shot was taken there seemed to be a sound of a rock that landed just behind me, when I turned around nothing was there.

This picture was taken over by where the old dam would have been located for the mill. Puffs of energy were captured by the water.

In this photo there was a trace of negative energy in red running up through the ecto mist. Cathy at the time was feeling kind of sick. Anytime when red energy is present it can give one a sick feeling to the tummy or give one a pounding headache or a heavy feeling to the chest.

To the left of the photo you can see some faint ecto mist, to the right just behind the tree there appears to be a hooded figure of a spirit.

Some ecto mist just above the tree. On the right side, the mist was forming into a ring.

Again some very vibrant energy was captured around the tree...

In this photo there appears to be a skull trying to form by the tree on the right side.

Cindy had taken this picture and at the time had a severe headache. This is understandable since there was a form of red energy near the tree mixed in with ecto mist.

We had tried everywhere to see if there was any activity in other areas and came up short. Most of the night the activity was around the tree for some reason. Again some ecto mist was captured around the tree.

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