Notice the center of this energy form by the tree.

About a minute later another picture was taken and Cindy managed to capture the energy starting to leave.

Just what this energy form was trying to take the shape of is anyones guess.......

The area this night had a very eerie effect to it and again Cindy came down with a headache. The energy around the tree had some red to it as seen in the photo. If you should ever go out and take pictures of an area that is said to hold activity and you feel sick or get a headache, leave the area for a few minutes and you will find that you will usually feel better.

Ecto plasm strands of energy.......

Energy attaching itself to the tree to draw energy from it......

This spirit seems to be forming into a large bird.......

This photo was interesting. Notice the very bright spot that appears to be forming into a person on the tree branch.

Another image of some negative energy starting to form.....

When we had investigated this area, the most activity seemed to be around the tree that is broken near the stream where the old mill would have been. This night was a strange one, complete with having the feeling of being watched and something standing right near you. A few times this evening we all heard a thump as though a rock had landed right behind us on the ground. No rock could be seen, but the thump and the sound was enough to make us look behind us...... The mill is no longer standing but the area does house a few spirits........

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